10 Fun Things to Do With Kids | Christmas and New Year’s in Athens

    It is not for nothing that Athens has been named a top destination by Trivago, a big online search engine for travel. The Greek capital offers everything from city vibes, an ancient old vibrant culture, and arts scene to hospitable family activities and outdoor fun along the Athenian Riviera.

    Athens is gaining more and more popularity as a winter destination too. With its soft winters with sunny skies, Athens is a great city for Christmas Holidays. Here we have listed our favorite family things to do in Athens during Christmas and New Year!

    1. Explore The Century-Old City

    Visiting the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum is a must for anyone on vacation in Athens. This Christmas season, the streets around these two spots are part of a festive illumination display making these important sights even more magical. Other important hot spots during this Christmas are Syntagma Square with its Christmas tree and the changing of the guards, a ceremony performed by the evzones, the presidential guard, standing watch over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 

    Syntagma Athens Christmas Tree DP

    You will also have an opportunity to explore Plaka, the core of the city of Athens 200 years ago, and wander the narrow streets of Anafiotika, perched at the foot of the Acropolis. A fun way to explore the center of Athens with your kids is with our Minivan Tour For Families. Our team organizes a private experience in Athens that will allow you to explore Athens in a fun and festive way.

    Contact us for more information about family tuk-tuk rides in Athens.

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    Athens Festivities Christmas and New Years DP Fireworks

    2. Get Acquainted With Ancient Greece Sites

    The Christmas holiday is perhaps the best time to visit the numerous archaeological sites of Athens. Forget the long hours standing in line under the blistering sun, you are sure to discover the wonderful myths surrounding the Acropolis without hordes of tourists tagging along, or visit the Ancient Agora without having to wait for a group to move away to take your family photo. The Temple of Poseidon in Sounio in winter means that you will get that perfect sunset shot without too many tries.

    3. Explore Athens by Bike With The Family

    Take a fun bike ride through the heart of historic Athens and seeing Athens by bike with an experienced local guide is perfect for active families. If your family is looking for a fun way to see Athens, the private family Athens by Bike Tour is for you. Fully customizable, you will bike around the main historic sites, stop at a local coffee shop, and reveal some hidden secrets.

    Christmas decorations Greece CV

    4. Sample The Best of Christmas Treats

    Christmas may be second to Easter in terms of celebrations, yet, the season comes with its fair share of treats and delicacies, including the scrumptious Christmas desserts, the kourabiedes, a style of almond shortbread cookies, and melomakarona, syrupy cookies dipped in honey, which you will find in any bakery.

    Even better, why not take a Christmas Cooking Class or take part in a Christmas Food Tour in Athens? It will surely be a fun experience for the whole family.

    Christopsomo Greece Christmas DP

    5. Get Into The Christmas Spirit

    In the true spirit of the holidays, Athens has a few family-friendly activities and festivals happening around Christmas. A season favorite is the Christmas Factory, hosted in Technopolis, in Gazi. This is an amazing place where you and your kids will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and Christmas cooking classes!

    If you love food tours, you can also have a look at our private Christmas food tour in Athens. This is an amazing tour that will allow you to sample traditional local fares such as cheese, sausage, and olives, as well as enjoy special Christmas delicacies like melomakarona and kourabiedes!

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    There, the wee ones will have fun with Christmas-themed activities, music, and theatrical performances, rides, and games while the older ones can enjoy a tour around the Christmas market. Another highlight is the Santa Claus Kingdom, a theme park in Paiania, near the airport, which includes games and rides, food stands, and more importantly, an ice-skating rink.

    6. Do Some Christmas shopping

    Christmas shopping is definitely a great excuse to go on a (souvenir) shopping binge in Athens. Opt for a fun walk on Ermou Street, the festively decorated pedestrian street descending from Syntagma square to Monastiraki. But you can also take advantage of the several malls dotting the city to combine it with some fun activities such as ice skating since many malls host pop-up ice skating rinks throughout the winter. Our favorites are:

    7. Christmas Celebrations at the Niarchos Cultural Center

    Every year, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center goes full-on during the holiday season. With a rich calendar filled with activities for young and old, it surely knows how to satisfy everyone. Including circus shows, Christmas readings, games, and workshops, as well as live music performances and concerts, the program also includes screenings of the best Christmas movies for children and adults.

    8. Plan a Day Trip to Nafplio

    Located in the Peloponnese region, Nafplio is a charming little town with a picturesque historic center. The former capital of the newly established state in the 19th century, Nafplio boasts a rich history visible through its medieval castles, its monuments, as well as its several Ottoman and Venetian fountains, and neoclassical buildings.

    Mythology has it that it was founded by Nafplios, son of the god Poseidon. Furthermore, it is conveniently located near the ancient site of Mycenae and the ancient city of Epidaurus.

    Contact us to organize an amazing family day trip to Nafplio from Athens.

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    9. Take A Family Ski Trip

    You may not be aware but Greece is home to a dozen ski stations definitely worth checking out. The closest to them is Mount Parnassos. Located only two hours from Athens, the Parnassos Ski Center boasts 19 ski runs, 7 ski routes as well as 10 trails, and three mini-beginner runs. Spend a relaxing après-ski evening in Arachova, a picturesque mountain village nearby, and visit the nearby archaeological site of Delphi the next day.

    Parnassos ski center Arachova

    Alternatively, you could also organize a visit to one of the ice skating rinks in the city of Athens. For example, there is a wonderful, family-friendly ice skating rink in central Athens, at Kotzias Square. All you need to do is book an appointment. Keep in mind that the rink operates only during the holiday season, specifically between December 14 and January 6.

    Need more inspiration? The team of KidsLoveGreece will be more than happy to help you shape your family agenda and explore the things to do with the family during Christmas and New Year in Athens this year!

    10. Visit the Attica Zoological Park with Kids

    Another fun activity for families in Athens is a visit to the Attica Zoological Park. Apart from having a look at more than 300 animal species, your kids will have the chance to attend arts and crafts classes, educational tours, and more. Also, the park offers many activities like the ”Farm Animal Keeper” and the ”Falconer” that are specially created for families.

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    • Hi I would love to know more about snow related activities in Athens or nearby. I only read about Panarssos – is there anywhere nearby that is cold enough for a lot of snow pls??

      • Hello Gabby! Thank you for your question. It’s great that you will be in Athens during the festive season! You will have so much fun! Zoe has already sent you an email. Merry Christmas from the Kids Love Greece team!


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