Aerial drone photo of amazing vegetated islet of Bourtzi built in small peninsula in port of Skiathos island main town hosting an old school, Sporades, Greece SH-min

Top 7 Things to Do in Skiathos with Kids [2021]

    Skiathos is a fantastic destination, ideal for both families and couples. This island combines everything travelers need; a breathtaking natural habitat, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, and lively nightlife.

    The island has developed especially in tourism. Likewise, the child-friendly activities offered in Skiathos are simply countless.

    What is there to do in Skiathos with Kids?

    From kid-friendly scuba diving lessons and hiking tours to relaxing sailing trips, fabulous beaches, and various other sightseeing attractions, Skiathos is a great destination for families.

    We have put together for you the complete guide to answer what to do in Skiathos with kids. So, let’s dive deeper into the best family activities to look for when visiting Skiathos.

    1. A paradise for active families who love outdoor fun

    As with most Greek islands, there are plenty of outdoor experiences for you and your kids to enjoy on Skiathos. The lush landscape of Skiathos provides a fantastic opportunity for family walks. In fact, the island is full of ancient hiking trails that lead to traditional monasteries, as well as private beaches and hills with amazing views of the Aegean Sea.

    With a total length of more than 2,000 km, Skiathos offers 26 unique routes for both beginners and more experienced hikers.

    Hiking Beautiful pine tree forest path leading to several beaches on Skiathos Island, Sporades, SH (2)-min

    Apart from the hiking tours, Skiathos also has an organized horse riding center. If you love horseback riding, this is a fantastic way to explore Skiathos’ coasts and landscape.

    Finally, Skiathos hosts numerous events every year. For example, the 2021 Trail Run takes place in September and is a fantastic family event.

    2. Explore the world of scuba diving and snorkeling

    Due to the island’s amazing seabed, Skiathos is a fantastic place for water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

    Children from the age of 8 can explore the world of diving with an experienced guide. Scuba diving in Skiathos is especially suitable for beginners, and all dive packages include transport from your hotel and the equipment needed for the dive. For more info on the programs by age group: Skiathos Diving Center

    boy scuba diving Greece CV

    If scuba diving is not your thing, snorkeling is also a fantastic choice for families. Skiathos offers many private snorkeling tours for your family to explore the beauty of the Aegean Sea.

    Finally, you can always rent a SUP and explore the crystal clear waters or go on a unique family fishing trip.

    3. Beach and island-hopping by water taxis

    Besides public transportation, there are several other ways to go from one place to another in Skiathos. We recommend that you rent a car if you are keen on exploring the island and the seafront and various villages. Consider even renting a 4×4 as it will give your family a sense of adventure as you explore the secret beaches and mountains of Skiathos.

    If you don’t fancy buses or cars, there is an alternative transport service in Skiathos that you won’t find in many places. These are the WATER TAXIS!

    Water taxis in Skiathos are the most efficient way to beach hop and also visit different parts of the islands. You can use the water taxis to go from your hotel to various places in Skiathos or even other islands like Skopelos and Alonissos.


    4. Child-friendly beaches

    With 60 fantastic beaches, most of which located on the southern side of the island, Skiathos is a great swimming destination.

    Most of those beaches have soft sand and are organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. The beaches on the northern part of the island are more secluded and popular by naturists.

    Koukounaries Beach is the most beautiful and family-friendly beach on Skiathos. This beach is perfect for children due to its golden sand and clear shallow water. Make sure that you arrive early in the morning if you want a sunbed as it can get busy later in the day!

    Aerial view over Koukounaries beach in Skiathos island, Sporades, Magnesia, Greece SH-min

    Other beautiful beaches in Skiathos are Lalaria Beach, Troulos Bay Becah, Big (and Small) Banana Beach, Elia Beach (or Mandraki Beach), Diamandi Beach, and Kastro Beach. For a detailed review of the best beaches in Skiathos, read The 7 Best Beaches on Skiathos, Greece.

    You can also find water sports centers at many organized beaches. Likewise, Skiathos is a fantastic place to create some unique family memories with water games like water skiing or banana slides.

    Lalalia Beach Skiathos-min
    Lalalia Beach

    5. Immersed yourselves into local sightseeing

    Apart from all the activities, Skiathos is an island full of history.

    Bourtzi is a peninsula at the port of Skiathos where a fortress was built in the 13th century. This is a fantastic place to explore the history of Skiathos with your children.

    Aerial drone photo of amazing vegetated islet of Bourtzi built in small peninsula in port of Skiathos island main town hosting an old school, Sporades, Greece SH-min

    Skiathos also has its own medieval history. To be exact, Skiathos Castle is a medieval fortress complex on the northern tip of Skiathos island that is now abandoned.

    Moreover, Skiathos is a great destination for those who loved the movie ‘Mamma Mia’. Although the musical was mainly filmed in Skopelos, some scenes were also shot in the Old Port of Skiathos. This is the place where Sophie’s three fathers meet.

    Skiathos Port DP

    There are also numerous ancient monasteries and iconic churches on the island that you can visit. The Monastery of Evangelistria, the Church of Agios Nikolaos, and the Church of Agios Alexandros are just some of them. Make sure you visit them to enjoy amazing views and learn about their rich history.

    Evangelistria Monastery located at Skiathos DP-min
    Evangelistria Monastery

    Finally, the island is known as the birthplace of Alexandros Papadiamantis, one of the most important Greek writers of the 19th century. His house has been turned into a Folklore Museum and is definitely worth visiting.

    6. Experience traditional cuisine

    Skiathos is a great place for foodies. In fact, there are countless restaurants and tavernas on the island. The locals use pure ingredients to give you the ultimately culinary experience.

    Balisikos is considered to be for many people the best restaurant in Skiathos, offering gourmet Greek food.

    Marmita is also exceptional. Book in advance a table in the yard.

    We also recommend the The Ammos Beach Restaurant in Skiathos Princess which is literarily on the beach.

    Amfiliki Tavern is one of the oldest and most traditional one in Skiathos.

    Skiathos is also known for its traditional sweets called amygdalota (spoon sweet made from almonds). There are three places that you have to visit if you would like to taste the local desserts and pastry products: Anthos tou Yialou, Mamma Mia pastry & bakery shop and Dafne’s Sweets.

    • In Anthos tou Gialou, a bakery offering delicious desserts, try the Haimali!
    • For many visitors, a stop at Mamma Mia pastry & bakery shop is imperative! All pastries/ pies are to die for, especially a bread called liopsoma!
    • At Daphne’s Sweets try the amydgalota!

    Finally, Skiathos, like most Greek islands, has his first winery, Parissis Winery, that you can visit during your stay.

    7. Boat trips to other Sporades islands

    As mentioned earlier, Skiathos also offers boat trips to other islands such as Skopelos and Alonissos.

    Both islands have numerous things to do with kids, which is a great way to explore them without feeling rushed.

    Therefore, booking an independent excursion to spend a day on each of these islands is a wise choice.

    Alonissos Bay - Painting effect
    Bird eye view of a bay in Alonissos – Painting effect

    How to reach Reach Skiathos?

    Where is Skiathos located in Greece?

    Skiathos is part of the Sporades archipelago, located in the northwest Aegean Sea.

    How far is Skiathos from Athens?

    The distance between Athens and Skiathos Island is about 250 km. There are three easy ways to travel from Athens to Skiathos:

    By plane: this is the easiest way to reach Skiathos. There are many flights from Athens to Skiathos airport. The flight takes about twenty minutes.

    By boat: alternatively, you can take a ferry to Skiathos from 4 ports in mainland Greece: Volos, Mantoudi, Agios Konstantinos, and Thessaloniki. The best and fastest way to reach the island is from the port of Volos, as there is a high-speed boat there.

    By water taxi: you can take a water taxi from either Evia or Volos. See below some popular routes as feautured at the website of Skiathos Water Taxi.

    • Koukounaries Beach to Katigiorgi – Pelion & Volos: 15 min
    • Koukounaries Beach to Platanias Pelion & Volos: 25 min
    • Koukounaries Beach Glossa – Skopelos: 30 min
    • Koukounaries Beach Skopelos island: 60 min
    • Koukounaries Beach Alonissos Island: 90 min

    Volos to Skiathos by ferry

    Anes Ferries: 2 h 45 min, Blue Star Ferries: 2 h 25 min, Aegean Flying Dolphins: 1 h 25 min

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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