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Top outdoor activities for families in Crete

    Crete is a veritable playground when it comes to outdoor activities. Here are a few of our top selections of things to do for active families in Crete.

    family trekking excursions crete outdoor activities for families kids love greece

    Outdoor activities in Crete

    We all know how important it is to keep active nowadays, and there’s no excuse to slack off during your next family vacation in Crete! Pursue your passions or just go out and have some fun with these carefully selected outdoor activities for families in Crete.

    Mountain Biking in Crete

    mountain biking for families outdoor activities crete kids love greece

    Crete is well known as a quite mountainous island, and so the thought of mountain biking in Crete might be off-putting to all but the most hardcore cyclists. Thankfully though, Kids Love Greece have a family mountain biking activity in Crete that is easy-going and suitable for people of most fitness levels!

    In an area known as the Lassithi plateau, there is a wide area of land which is quite flat. It’s also full of interesting places to visit such as traditional villages, and even a cave which was said to be the cave of Zeus! Our family mountain biking tour around the Lassithi plateau is perfect for families that would like to spend the day in the great outdoors, get a little physical exercise, and visit places off the traditional tourist trail.

    Find out more here: Mountain Biking for Families around the Lassithi Plateau, Crete.

    Hiking in Crete

    Crete family hiking adventure outdoor activities Psiloritis mountain kids love greece

    Crete is a fantastic island for families that like hiking, and it’s possible to go hiking on trails and tracks in many different places. One of the most popular hikes in Greece is along the Samaria Gorge. This can be quite challenging in places and is not suitable for younger children.

    Other hikes include trails that will take you on the slopes of mountains, to caves, and down to the sea. We have a number of family hiking activities to choose from, many of which are based in the Lassithi plateau area.

    Find out more: Great Family Trekking Excursions in Crete.

    Canyoning in Crete

    outdoor activities kids love greece canyoning family adventure crete

    For the ultimate family adventure in Crete, perhaps canyoning would be your thing! We’ve put together a great activity that is suitable for families in the Tsoutsouros gorge in the Asterousia Mountains of South Crete.

    Starting off at an easy pace, everyone will slowly find their feet, so to speak, as they make their way through the canyon. It gradually becomes more challenging, and this is where the fun begins!

    At times, you will be walking through water, other times you might hop from rock to rock. There will be cases where you need to help each other, and perhaps even use ropes as you continue through the canyon under the watchful eyes of a highly qualified guide.

    This activity will really give your family the chance to appreciate the wildness of the landscape in Crete, and it will be an adventure everyone will remember for years to come!

    Find out more: Canyoning Family Adventure in Crete.

    For more information about family-friendly outdoor activities in Crete and the rest of Greece, contact the Kids Love Greece team today. We’d love to help you plan the ultimate family adventure in Greece!


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    • The excitement of new discoveries
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    • Exploring the Cretan nature with their kids
    • Collecting family lifetime family memories

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