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Customized Mythology Tours in Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete

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Do you love Greek mythology and would you like to visit some of the most beautiful Greek islands?

For families who want to combine a mythology experience with the Cyclades or Crete but are also looking for flexibility, we have created the Design-Your-Own flexible Mythology Tours. With flexible options, families can combine the tours that they choose according to their personal preferences.

Create your own itinerary and discover Santorini, Mykonos and Crete through mythology by combining these tour options in a way that works best for your family. Visit the most important archaeological sites and follow the Greek gods on your quest to discover the best of the Ancient world at your own pace!

PS. If you cannot get enough of exploring Ancient Greece through its mythology, have a look at our Design-Your-Own Mythology Tours for Athens and nearby and the Peloponnese!

  • Private guided tours to the archaeological sites
  • An English speaking licensed tour family-friendly guide
  • All transfers
  • A flexible mythology itinerary is a great way for your family to experience Greece at your own pace. Kids who know more about mythology have an extra dimension added to their Greek vacation, and adults appreciate the engaging way our guides present the various archaeological sites and activities.
  • We have hand-picked family-friendly guides trained in Greek mythology. But even if you are not very familiar with all the Greek gods, our tours are great for families who are looking for a private, authentic, and meaningful experience to explore Greece.
  • We can fully customize your private trip and adjust it to the ages of your kids. Sometimes the fixed tour dates just won’t fit into a busy schedule the way you’d like. With a private tour schedule, you can schedule your vacation for when it works best for you.

Mythology Tours to Santorini, Mykonos and Crete

  • Mythology Tour in Akrotiri, Santorini
  • Mythology Tour in Ancient Delos, Mykonos
  • Mythology Tour in Knossos & Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, Crete
  • Mythology Tour in the Cave of Zeus and the Lassithi Plateau, Crete

This Mythology Tour takes you to one of the most important places in Santorini: the archaeological site of Akrotiri. In this important ancient city, your family will explore the excavations together with an expert guide. Akrotiri was a very important Minoan city that lay buried for centuries after the Santorini volcanic eruption. It is considered a highlight of the Minoan civilization and a must-visit for anyone interested in the history of Greece and Europe.

During your visit, you will be able to stroll around the ruins of houses and other buildings, view the frescoes, pottery, household items and even an ingenious drainage system that testifies to the sophistication of the engineers of the time.

Mythology lovers will be fascinated by the mysterious stories and legends about Plato’s Atlantis, an ancient city that was said to have disappeared after the Greek gods were angered.

After the Akrotiri site, you can opt to visit a local pottery workshop where your kids can participate in a pottery class.

If your family wants to spend time in Mykonos and experience its most important attraction, a visit to Ancient Delos must be part of your travel plans.

Ancient Delos is located on a small island, 30 minutes by boat away from Mykonos. This incredible ancient city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was first inhabited over 5000 years ago!

Mythology fans will love to hear that this is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Our expert guide will share many fascinating stories while exploring the site.

Delos was considered a very important place during the Golden Age of Greece. Further, it was an important trading port in the 2nd century BC. Today, the remains of the Temple of Apollo, the Sanctuary of Artemis, an amphitheater, and the city remains are attracting thousands of visitors each year.

This tour also includes a visit to the on-site museum exhibiting the items that were excavated at the site. Most important are the sculptures and vessels reflecting the sophistication of Greek ancient art and civilization.

If you combine this tour with a Mosaic workshop, you will not only learn more about the Greek ancient art but also create work of your own!

This tour takes your family to the world-famous Palace of Knossos located just outside Heraklion city in Crete. Knossos is considered to be the oldest city in Europe and was once the center of the powerful Minoan Empire. Knossos is also the mythological location of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur.

Your local guide will show you around the archaeological site, explaining to you more about the importance of the Minoan civilization, and the exciting legends and myths connected to it.

After the Knossos archaeological site, your guide will take you to the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. The museum exhibits the many treasures and artifacts that were excavated at Knossos and other sites on Crete. Perhaps the most important is the intriguing Phaistos Disc. Over 4000 years old, no one has been able to solve the mysterious code written upon it.

After the Knossos site site, you can opt to visit a local pottery workshop where your kids can participate in a pottery class.

This tour is a must for mythology loving families because it takes you to the place where it all began; the Cave of Zeus, the birthplace of the most important Greek god.

To find this special place, your expert guide will take you to the Lassithi Plateau, a green plain in East Crete. Your destination is the Diktaean Andron, otherwise known as the Cave of Zeus. Some legends say he was born in the cave. Others say he was hidden here to protect him from his father Cronus, who would have eaten him had he been found.

It’s quite a hike up to the entrance of the cave but the views are most rewarding. Besides the amazing scenery, your family will be impressed by the mysterious feeling of the cave and its many stalactites and stalagmites. Together with your guide, you will have time to explore the cave and listen to the many fascinating stories about Zeus and the Greek gods.

After, there is also time to look around in the villages of the Lassithi Plateau and taste some local produce such as olives and cheese. At the nearby eco-park, your kids can see some rare animals and learn more about local agriculture.

If you love Greek mythology and you want to visit the Greek islands, contact us today and find out how you can create your own flexible Mythology Tour in Santorini, Mykonos or Crete.

Don’t forget that we also offer exciting Mythology Tours in Athens and nearby, and the Peloponnese. Contact us today! We will be more than happy to assist you in creating the most memorable customized and flexible Mythology experience in some of the most beautiful Greek islands!

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