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Family Sailing Adventure: Hydra and the Nearby Islands

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Beautiful Hydra and the other islands in the Saronic Gulf are the most easily accessible islands from Athens and an ideal destination for short sailing adventures. Spend a few days in Athens and sailing in those beautiful islands, all in 5-7 days!

Our Family Sailing Adventure to Hydra and the Nearby Islands is perfect for families due to the short distances involved and the relatively mild winds in comparison to other sailing areas in Greece. This experience is suitable for kids of all ages and will include plenty of opportunities to swim, soak up the sun, and see the island. Experience for yourself why the Greek islands are considered to be some of the most stunning in the world and see Hydra and some other beautiful nearby islands!

  • Dinghy, outboard and snorkelling equipment
  • Accommodation onboard
  • English speaking certified skipper
  • Through our partners, we offer a wide selection of yachts, catamarans and motor yachts
  • We have handpicked our sailing partners, who offer flexibility in terms of duration of sailing trips
  • We will design an itinerary together, which will suit the ages of your kids, the interests of the family and your budget
  • We specialize in putting together the family sailing trip that’s right for you, before and after your sailing trip

Hydra and the Nearby Islands sailing itinerary

  • Hydra
  • Spetses
  • Porto Heli
  • Palaia Epidaurus
  • Aegina and Agistri
  • Poros

Cosmopolitan Hydra island lies between the Saronic Gulf and the Argolic Gulf. It is a very popular sailing area and has perhaps the most beautiful port in Greece.

Entering the port of Hydra, you will notice the canons at each side. They are the trademark of the island’s character and historical glory. The pretty main town is built as an amphitheatre around the port and there are donkeys everywhere. With its unique architectural character, stone mansions, car-free alleys and picturesque atmosphere, your family may want to stay forever.

Hydra is ideal for family sailing holidays because the sea is calm and on the island itself, cars are not allowed. There are several fantastic beaches on the island with shallow water ideal for small children.

Take some time to explore the areas surrounding the beaches of Avlaki, Kamini, Vlychos and Mandraki. You’ll discover a different side of Hydra – less touristy and cosmopolitan, but just as charming. There are private beaches and taverns, and lots of opportunities for swimming, diving, fishing, and hiking.

Spetses is a great island for families. Although less famous than Hydra, it is similar because of its beautiful neoclassical mansions in its town, its glorious history and its glamorous present.

Spetses offers some of the best places for swimming in the Saronic Gulf. Especially on the south side, you can find many landscapes; rocky coves, sandy beaches, green water coves with pine trees and more. Should you decide to leave your water paradise: Spetses Town is a must-visit! Cars are not allowed on the island and the combination of Spetses’ traditional Greek ambience with a contemporary and cosmopolitan feel, is a winner for all families!



Located on the Peloponnese mainland, chic Porto Heli is a small seaside town with a large port. In summer, this port is a frequent mooring place for fishing boats and yachts giving Porto Heli a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

There are several organized beaches in Porto Heli, but the majority are small secluded coves with a relaxing vibe, ideal for boats. It is a favorite family destination for Athenians who have holiday homes here in summer.

This location is a good starting point for road trips to Ancient Epidaurus, Ermioni, Mycenae and Nafplion.

Porto Heli has a lively feel and a fantastic sailing centre for all abilities. It’s a great resort to include in your itinerary with plenty of variety and as much to do off the water, as on it!

Most people know Palaia (old) Epidaurus for its ancient theatre, the first in the world! But Epidaurus also has a beautiful protected port that is great for visiting with a sailing yacht or catamaran. Anchor into the Epidaurus Gulf, relax and dive into the green waters of the unique scenery.

Sailing to Palaia Epidaurus will give you the chance to swim in a beautiful bay, visit a historical masterpiece and even snorkel to a lost city!  The ancient Epidaurus theatre is located approximately 30 minutes’ drive away from the port.


The island of Aegina is close to Athens and is an interesting place if your family likes history and mythology. Thought to be a favourite island of Zeus, the Greek capital was once located here. Aegina is a down to earth traditional island with lots of cultural highlights and natural beauty. Kids will love jumping off the boat in the turquoise waters or visiting the impressive ancient temple of Aegina.

Friendly and quieter Agistri is close by and famous for its magical dark green pine forest. Agistri also hosts many beautiful beaches, all of which are worth a visit while sailing the Saronics. Stop at the pristine landscape of the Skliri beach or discover a small paradise at the beach of Chalkiada. Full of big white pebbles and encircled by the green forest, this beach will captivate your family’s heart!


Close to Hydra and just some meters opposite the Peloponnese mainland and separated only by a small channel of sea, lies Poros, one of the most interesting islands of the Saronic gulf. Poros is the greenest of the Saronic islands and considered as one of the friendliest yacht destinations.

The island has a long history in naval background, it offers excellent boating facilities and its crystal-clear waters are easily accessed with a sailing yacht or catamaran. Poros unique scenery, the calm weather and its protected little coves are ideal for anchorages and should definitely be included in your Family Sailing Adventure itinerary!

Triggered to experience a joyful Family Sailing Adventure to Hydra and the Nearby Islands? Sail with us in the Saronic Gulf and enjoy picturesque towns, exquisite sites, secluded beaches, hundreds of turquoise water coves, and exclusive archaeological masterpieces. All of them, easy to reach with your family!

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  • i would like to get more information on the “Family Sailing Adventure: Hydra and the Nearby Islands” offer – we are staying near Ermione all next week and would love to sail a little bit

    • Hello Benjamin! Thank you so much for your interest in our family Sailing Adventure: Hydra and the Nearby Islands. This is one of our favorite activities near Athens. You will definitely have a great time as a family. Zoe has already sent you an email with all info you need. Looking forward to your email. All the best.


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