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Private Percy Jackson Mythology Trip for Families 5 days

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Do you want to see the highlights of mainland Greece from a different perspective? By weaving in stories from Greek Mythology and the Percy Jackson books, we’ve created a unique private family tour around Greece. Visit the Acropolis, Ancient Olympia, Mycenae, Delphi, and more as you follow the Percy Jackson trail on your quest to discover the best of Ancient Greece.

In our 5-day Percy Jackson-inspired mythology tour, your transfers and guides are all arranged for. The major archaeological sites of the Acropolis, Parthenon, Temple of Poseidon, Delphi, Epidaurus, Corinth, Mycenae, and ancient Olympia are included in the itinerary.

Parents will love being able to visit numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites. Kids will love how the elements from the Percy Jackson books are linked together as well as the interactivity of the trip in the form of games, riddles, and quizzes.

At the end of this vacation, you will have seen the major attractions of mainland Greece, have a deeper knowledge of Greek mythology, and will have created memories of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Greece!

  • Private guided tours to the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum, Cape Sounion/Temple of Poseidon, Delphi, Ancient Corinth, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Nafplion and Ancient Olympia
  • An English speaking licensed tour family-friendly guide fascinated by the Percy Jackson books
  • All transfers
  • Tickets to the Aegeon Beach Hotel (summer only)

The Percy Jackson-inspired private mythology tours are a great way for your family to experience Greece at your own pace. Kids who know and love the Percy Jackson books have an extra dimension added to their Greek vacation, and adults appreciate the engaging way our guides present the various archaeological sites and activities.

We have hand-picked family-friendly guides trained in the stories and places from the Percy Jackson books. But even if some family members have never heard of Percy Jackson, these tours are great for families who are looking for a private, authentic, and meaningful experience to explore Greece.

We can fully customize your private trip and adjust it to the ages of your kids. Sometimes the fixed tour dates just won’t fit into a busy schedule the way you’d like. With a private tour, you can schedule your vacation for when it works best for you.

5-day itinerary Percy Jackson Mythology Trip

  • Day 1: Highlights of Athens, Cape Sounion, and Temple of Poseidon
  • Day 2: Meet the Oracle of Delphi
  • Day 3: Visit Epidaurus and Nafplion
  • Day 4: Experience Ancient Olympia
  • Day 5: Discover Mycenae and Ancient Corinth

Day 1

the most ancient temples to the gods, in the middle of Athens… – Percy Jackson

Morning: Acropolis and Acropolis Museum (4 hours)

In the morning, your licensed private guide will take you up the famous sacred hill of the Acropolis. Explaining what the Acropolis was for and weaving together tales from Greek mythology, your guide will show you the Parthenon, the sanctuary of the Goddess Athena. You will be astonished by the magnificent views and the various myths and stories related to Athena. If you are a fan of Percy Jackson, you will also see the spot where Athena (the mother of Annabeth) and Poseidon (the father of Percy) fought!

Visit Acropolis in Athens with Kids who love Percy Jackson (1)

To find out what the monuments of the Acropolis used to look like in Ancient Greece, your family will also be using a virtual ‘time-traveling’ iPad.

After, you will have a chance to admire the findings of the Acropolis in the Acropolis Museum, one of the most famous and important museums in Europe and the world. Your guide will keep the kids engaged by storytelling and interactive games while telling you more about the exhibits.

Afternoon: Athens Riviera and Temple of Poseidon (4 1/2 hours)

In the afternoon, your talented tour facilitator (not licensed tour guide) who will be there to add fun to your afternoon, will take you to visit the magnificent Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion and watch the majestic sunset! If your kids are Percy Jackson fans, they will know that Poseidon was the father of Percy Jackson & the Greek God of the Sea. Did you know that in mythology, this temple was also the place where Aegeus threw himself into the sea when he saw the black sails of the ship and believed that his son Theseus – who had gone to Knossos to fight the Minotaur – was dead? For this reason, the sea here was called the Aegean Sea!

temple poseidon sounio

The drive to Cape Sounion is approximately 1 1/2 hours, however, before visiting the Temple of Poseidon for the sunset, there will be time for seaside lunch or a swim at the thermal lake of Vouliagmeni (summertime). In autumn/winter, you can alternatively visit the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, a buzzing urban escape in Athens.

Day 2

All day: Delphi archaeological site and museum (2 1/2 hours)

On your second day, our guide will meet you at your hotel and will take you by luxury vehicle to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Delphi, located 2 1/2 hours away from Athens. During the road trip, your guide will go into some history and legends that surround this mysterious complex.

Known as the Navel of the World, Delphi became the most important religious center and sanctuary in the ancient Greek world. During your tour, we’ll reveal who the Oracle was and offer different theories behind the religious rites practiced here. We’ll also talk about the connections between the Percy Jackson books and the Oracle at Delphi.

Delphi sanctuary columns

The origins of the Oracle of Delphi are shown in Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods. Originally, it was a spring that whispered the future to those who listened. The Oracle of Delphi appeared when Percy Jackson was told by Chiron to get a prophecy, so he could go on a quest. If you are a Percy Jackson fan, you may remember the old Oracle in the book The Last Olympian:

I foresee the future. I cannot change it

You will also visit the ancient theatre, an ancient stadium and the museum. Our engaging guide presents the site and museum in a way that not only explains what you are seeing but also fires up the imagination. You’ll easily be able to picture yourself as a pilgrim making their way to Delphi, or even as an athlete taking part in the games here.

With a stop-off at a local village for lunch, awesome viewing points, and countless photo opportunities, we will return to Athens.

Day 3

Morning: Epidaurus (2 hours)

On the third day, at about an hour’s drive from Athens, we will reach Corinth. The famous Corinth Canal is an impressive narrow land bridge that connects the Peloponnese with the rest of the mainland of Greece. We will stop at a great place to take lots of photos. After stretching your legs here, we will then continue the drive to Epidaurus.

Epidaurus has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It used to be the most popular healing center of ancient times and is considered the first hospital in the world. Together with your specialized family guide, you will visit the Ancient Theatre, the Temples of Artemis and Asclepios, as well as other ancient monuments, sports and hospital facilities.

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is the best-preserved ancient theatre in Greece, and it is world-famous for its acoustics. Test the sound of the place by climbing up the highest stone stairs at the top of the theatre and dropping a coin. It is said that the acoustics of the theatre allows for a coin to be heard from the highest seat!

The Temple of Asclepios was a sacred healing place devoted to the god Asclepius, the son of Apollo. Percy Jackson’s fans probably know that Asclepius was one of Athena’s favorites! The Goddess gave him a vial of Gorgon Blood which allowed him to cure any illness, heal any injury, and even bring back the dead. Jason and his friends used the Physician’s Cure, a magic potion given to them by Asclepius, to bring Leo Valdez back to life after a fierce battle with Gaea, the Greek primordial goddess of the Earth.

Afternoon: Nafplion 

After Epidaurus, we will take you to the beautiful town of Nafplion where you will stay overnight. Nafplion used to be the first capital of Greece. Our guide will take you on a one-hour walking tour and will show you some hidden gems, the main attractions, and also take you to where the best ice cream in town is sold! She will also make suggestions for the best local taverns.

Day 4

All day: Olympia 

On the fourth day of our Percy Jackson Mythology tour, we will visit the birthplace of the Olympic Games; Ancient Olympia.

If your kids have read “The Blood of Olympus” they will know that this is where Percy Jackson and his friends battle Nike. In the book, they amusingly suggest that Adidas shoes are better than Nike! In reality, though, Olympia was the place where athletes gathered from all over the Greek world to compete against each other in games of skill and strength.

Visit Ancient Olympia with Kids who love Percy Jackson (3)

During your time at Olympia, your guide will explain how the Greek city-states held truces that prevented them from going to war at the times of the Olympic Games. This meant that athletes could travel to Olympia in safety. It must have been quite an occasion in ancient times, with all those athletes coming from near and far away!

Your kids will be so excited to see where the famous Statue of Zeus, one of the 7 Wonders of the World was placed. The statue might be long gone however parts of the temple remain. The statues that have survived from the temple are stunningly displayed in the on-site museum.

And what about creating your own Olympic Games? Our guide will encourage you and your kids to race against each other on a track used thousands of years ago! After this fun-filled trip to Olympia, it’s time to go back to Nafplion.

Day 5

Morning: Mycenae (2 hours)

You will start the fifth day of your Percy Jackson Mythology experience with a drive to Mycenae. This was one of the most important Greek city-states of the ancient world. It is mentioned in many myths and legends, with perhaps the most famous character being King Agamemnon who is known for his role in the war against Troy.

Lions Gate in Mycenae, Greece in a summer day

In Rick Riordan’s novel, ‘The Last Olympian’, Achilles’ ghost appeared before Percy Jackson to warn him about the dangers of bathing in the River Styx. He explained that if Percy is successful at surviving the bath in the Styx, his prowess in combat would be greater than any other mortal, but his weaknesses would increase as well. Percy admired Achilles.

I stunk at Greek names, but even I knew the greatest warrior of all time, who had died from a wounded heel- Percy said to his friend Nico as the ghost of the Greek warrior appeared before him.

Our guide will show you around this UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explain more about the myths and legends associated with it. Your kids will love exploring the ancient ruins of this once powerful city, as well as learning more about Greek mythology through interactive games and other activities throughout the day.

The wider archaeological site of Mycenae really shows off the impressive architecture of the Mycenaeans. After this visit, you and your kids will understand why the Mycenaean civilization ranks among the greatest in Europe!

Afternoon: Ancient Corinth (1 hour)

In the afternoon we will make a stop at the famous Corinth Canal, known as the ‘Isthmus of Corinth’, an impressive narrow land bridge that connects the Peloponnese with the rest of the mainland. Our itinerary includes a one-hour stop at Ancient Corinth where you will see, among others, the unique monolithic Temple of the God Apollo as well as the Roman Forum. The stop in Ancient Corinth is unguided. The services of the licensed guide can be arranged at an extra cost.




Embark on a quest with your family to experience Greece and explore the places and stories of Percy Jackson. Book our Percy Jackson Mythology for families 5-day trip for an unforgettable experience and a fun family vacation in Greece!

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  • My 14 year old grandson and I are interested in the mythology of Greece; he has read all the Percy Jackson books more than. once! Prices will determine which length we can participate in. We will be arriving in Athens on June 14, 2022.
    Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

    • Hello Irene! Thank you so much for your interest in our Percy Jackson Mythology Trip. This is one of our favorite activities and it is great that you are fans! You will definitely have a great time with you family. Maria has already sent you an email with all info you need. Looking forward to your email. All the best.

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    • Please could you provide pricing for the 3 day and 5 day tours. We are a family of four (kids aged 10 and 13) coming in April. Thanks

      • Hi Sally! Thank you for you request about our Percy Jackson Mythology trip. This is a great way to explore the many different Percy Jackson related places in Greece. Zoe has already sent you an email. Have a great trip to Greece!


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