Get a SIM card upon your arrival in Greece

    Anything can happen when you’re abroad so you need to be able to reach anyone at any time. To avoid overcharging your phone bill it’s best to buy a Pay-As-You-Go SIM card in Greece.

    The main phone companies that have a good signal around the country are Cosmote, Vodafone, and Wind. To get a Cosmote SIM you need to go to a ‘Germanos’ shop, which you can find pretty much all over the country. The other two companies sell SIM cards in their own shops.

    When you SIM card make sure to ask about special offers and packages. To top up, buy a top-up ticket or card from any of the above shops, or at one of the numerous street kiosks. Instructions are found on the back of the ticket.

    If your phone is unlocked you can swap your original SIM card with a local Greek one without a problem. If not, or perhaps you want to keep your current SIM in use, you will need a new phone. However, don’t worry as you can find phones costing as little as 15€.

    Keep in mind that that when you purchase a new SIM card you must produce your passport and register your personal information with the phone company. This is done on the spot, free of charge, and only takes about ten minutes.

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