A private island tour of Naxos – Discover Naxos on a Tailor Made Tour

Discover Naxos with a private island tour custom designed just for you! We'll show you the highlights of Naxos based on your interests and our local knowledge, revealing places few other tourists see during a unique and insightful tailor made tour.

  • A private island tour of Naxos – Discover Naxos on a Tailor Made Tour
  • A private island tour of Naxos – Discover Naxos on a Tailor Made Tour
  • A private island tour of Naxos – Discover Naxos on a Tailor Made Tour

This private tour of Naxos is ideal for families spending just a few days on the island, or visiting as a day trip from Paros or Mykonos. Customized on the day according to your interests and the recommendations of our insightful local guides, see the top attractions and hidden places of a Greek island favoured by the Olympian Gods!

Private Tour in Naxos

Are you ready to experience the best of Naxos during this private family tour of the island? In the company of our expert guides, you will have the opportunity to see the main highlights as well as those hidden secrets that only the locals know of. During this 8 hour tour of Naxos, you’ll come to appreciate all that the island has to offer, and gain a deeper insight into both Naxos and Greek island culture. Let’s begin!

Your private tour of Naxos starts when your guide meets you at your hotel. After introductions, you can then talk about the places you would like to see during your tailor-made tour. If you have never visited Naxos before, our guide will suggest some of the main highlights such as the Venetian castle and Temple of Apollo.

If you have already spent time on the island and seen some of the highlights, they can recommend many other alternatives based on both their local knowledge and your interests. Do you want to check out some of the best beaches on Naxos? Our guide will lead the way. Do you have an interest in arts and crafts? They can take you to places where local artisans create pottery and paintings. The tour is completely customized just for you!

Suggested places to see on a tour of Naxos

Some of the places that we would suggest including on a tour of Naxos for first time visitors include:

  • Venetian Castle
  • Temple of Apollo (Portara)
  • Temple of Dimitra
  • Halki
  • Kaloxylos
  • Pottery shop
  • Apiranthos
  • Moutsouna
  • Koronos
  • Kouros of Melanes
  • Olive Press Museum

Make sure you have plenty of storage space on your phones and cameras and back-up power supplies – You’ll have endless opportunities to capture everything you see and share it with your friends on social media!

Family vacations in Naxos?

If you are planning a family vacation in Naxos for a few days or a week, Kids Love Greece are here to help! Our specially selected family friendly accommodation on Naxos have all been hand-picked as excellent places to stay, and we can also help with further tours and activities on Naxos. Contact us today for more information!

Families should know

Light lunch included

Entrance fees to attractions not included


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Kids will love

Helping to plan their own tour of Naxos

Visiting beaches and castles

Driving around the island

Parents will love

Fully customizable tour

Fun and friendly local guide

Insights into Greek island culture

Best season to visit

  • Closed during Spring Spring
  • Closed during Summer Summer
  • Closed during Autumn Autumn
  • Closed during Winter Winter

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