One of the most modern aquariums in Europe, it offers both young visitors and grown ups the chance to explore the magic of the Mediterranean sea world - a truly entertaining and educational experience for the whole family.

  • CretAquarium
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  • CretAquarium
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  • CretAquarium
  • CretAquarium
  • CretAquarium
  • CretAquarium
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  • CretAquarium
  • CretAquarium
  • CretAquarium

CretAquarium offers 100 observation points where you can see more than 2,500 marine species displayed in 60 aquariums of different sizes.

Do not expect to find exotic fish with flashy colours. You will acquaint yourselves instead with Mediterranean marine life and meet majestic sharks, playful octopi, tiny seahorses and enchanting jellyfish.

The deep blue of the Greek sea creates a serene and relaxed atmosphere. The huge tanks with the sharks are always the most popular spots for all members of the family. In the ‘touch tanks’, the children can touch and get a closer look at marine invertebrates.

If you are a family of sea lovers do not waste any time, CretAquarium is waiting for you.

Families should know

  • We would recommend visiting the aquarium during the week in order to avoid the crowds at the weekend
  • Explanatory information in front of the different exhibits is provided only in Greek and English
  • We would suggest going by car. Public transport stops quite far from the aquarium entrance. Walking from there can be unpleasant, especially during the summer months when temperatures are quite high
  • Three big parking areas are available for visitors

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Kids will love

  • The ‘scary’ sharks
  • The ‘touch tanks’

Parents will love

  • The impressive documentary about the sea
  • A refreshing coffee or a delicious snack at Thalasea snack bar with its view of the beach

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
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Summer hours (May – September)  Monday – Sunday: 9.30 – 21.00 Winter hours (October – April)  Monday – Sunday: 9.30 – 17.00


Tickets (The below prices are valid from June to October): Adults: 9€ Children 5-17 years old, people over 65 year old, students, soldiers and families of four or more children : 6€ Children 0-5 years old, disabled people & escorts: free entrance 1000+1 Secrets of an Aquarium: 5€ for adults (free for accompanied children) Personal Audio Guide: 3€ (Available in 9 different languages: Greek, English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Polish, Czech) ‘Kartaquarium’ members’ card: 16€ for the first family member, 6€ for the rest of the family members

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Other parents say...

  • The CretAquarium is a wonderful world, appealing to all family members regardless of age.

    Mimika E.
  • Perfect for kids. You might find much bigger aquariums around the world, but a visit to the CretAquarium certainly isn’t a waste of time.

    Valia N.
  • A great choice for families that visit Crete. In front of every aquarium there is useful information while certain tanks are impressively huge.

    Dimitris X.
  • An entertaining yet educational experience for the whole family. You get acquainted with the Mediterranean marine world.

    Katerina M.

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