Leather Lane in Chania

Where the smell of leather fills the air...

  • Leather Lane in Chania
  • Leather Lane in Chania
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  • Leather Lane in Chania

If you are spending time in Chania make sure you take a stroll down Skridlof Street in Chania – famously known as ‘leather lane‘, a small street close to the harbour area. Traditionally this street was the home of shoe and boot makers – particularly ‘stivania’, the name given to tall Cretan boots. Nowadays almost none are handmade so the old workshops have been essentially turned into shops selling leather goods that are manufactured elsewhere though it is still possible to buy made-to-measure, hand-made boots. In Crete these are worn especially in rural areas together with wide baggy trousers known as ‘vraka’ and the idiosyncratic black fringed head-scarf.

This street is open all year round but especially comes alive in the tourist season. Prices are not rock bottom prices these days but you will still find with good quality leather bags, belts, purses, sandals etc. The street also has jewellery shops, and shops which sell Cretan ornaments, souvenirs, and some handmade embroideries, though many are now commercially produced, and also shops selling t shirts that kids will love to look at.


Families should know

Prices tend to be fixed in ‘leather lane’ but it’s worth asking for a better price if you but a couple of items

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Kids will love

  • Choosing gifts to take home
  • The choice of t-shirts
  • The machine in Mr Katsoulakis’ shop that looks like an alligator’s head!

Parents will love

  • The souk like atmosphere
  • The choice of leather goods
  • The beautiful jewellery shops

Best season to visit

  • Closed during Spring Spring
  • Closed during Summer Summer
  • Closed during Autumn Autumn
  • Closed during Winter Winter
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