Now is the best time to plan your 2019 family vacation in Greece

2019 summer vacations in Greece

As we get ready to wave the summer of 2018 goodbye, it’s time to start thinking of the next summer! Here’s why now is the best time to plan your 2019 family vacation in Greece.

Greece 2019

Visit The Greek Island of Santorini

We know what you are thinking – 2019 is a long way off, and there’s plenty of time to think about a summer vacation between then and now.

And, you are right. There IS plenty of time to think about a family summer vacation in Greece for 2019, but only if you start now of course!

Popular Greek destinations in 2019

Some of the popular islands such as Santorini and Mykonos are renowned for being busy in August, and many of the people visiting during this time books up months in advance.

Accommodation prices during these peak periods can rise suddenly, and a trip planned in the previous September but booked in the following March can have an eventual price far higher than originally anticipated. That’s if the accommodation you want is still available of course!

Fortunately, Kids Love Greece are here to help.

We’d love to use this post to help show you the different areas of the Kids Love Greece website, so that you can discover more information that will help you plan your 2019 vacation in Greece. We also offer a bespoke vacation planning service to ensure you have a great summer vacation in 2019! Contact us at any time you like, and we’ll help develop your Greek vacation together.

Greece for Mythology fans

If you would like to plan your family vacation in Greece around Greek mythology, we’ve got some great packages to suggest. Choose from either single day trips, or take our full mythology tours.

Even better, we have developed the concept of the Percy Jackson Greek Mythology Tours – If your kids are fans of the Percy Jackson books and films, they’ll get a real kick out of what’s on offer.

Greek Island Hopping 2019

Best Greek islands for families Crete Rhodes Corfu Naxos Mykonos Santorini Kea Hydra Lefkada kidslovegreece

There are literally thousands of Greek islands to choose from, so planning which ones you want to visit and why may take a little time! Would you prefer the Cyclades or the Ionian islands? Sandy beaches or organised beaches? There’s no time like the present though, and so you might want to check out the following useful resources to help you.

Greece for outdoor lovers 2019

See Athens by Βike Family biking activity in Athens kidslovegreece Greece children sightseeing Acropolis city tour bicycles cycling monuments private specially designed amazing experience

Finally, if you are a family of outdoor lovers, now is a great time to begin choosing which regions you want to visit. Whether you are interested in a cycle tour of Greece, hiking, canyoning, kayaking or climbing, we can tell you which regions are the best to visit and at what times of year.

Contact the Kids Love Greece team through the onscreen chatbox, and we’ll start to assist you. It’s never too early to begin planning your summer vacation for 2019, and we’re always ready to help!



The Best Museums in Athens for Kids

Museums in Athens for Kids

We all know that getting kids and museums to mix can be a tough task, but don’t panic! There’s no need to give up on your desire to find out more about the cultural heritage of Greece. Here’s some of the best museum in Athens that kids will love.

Museums in Athens kids will love

If you want to visit some of the museums in Athens to find out more about the history of Greece and its people, but are concerned your kids might not enjoy it, we’ve got great news! Here are our favourite Athens museums that all the family, especially your kids, will enjoy visiting!

The Acropolis Museum


Acropolis museum family guided tour kids love greece Athens Percy Jackson Mythology Family Trip 7-day Package

We’ll start by mentioning perhaps the most famous museum in Athens – The Acropolis Museum. It’s an essential place to visit during your time in the Greek capital, and fortunately there are various ways to make your visit more interesting for the kids!

If visiting the Acropolis museum by yourselves, you should ask at the reception desk for their ‘kids bags’. These have a number of goodies, including a mini-treasure hunt around the museum! The kids will be led from exhibit to exhibit, sparking their curiosity and enthusiasm.

The second option, is to take one of our family friendly tours of the Acropolis. In the company of an expert kid-friendly guide, your kids will be kept engaged throughout their visit as our guide brings to life the exhibits on display. Find out more about our family guided tours of the Acropolis here.

The Cycladic Art Museum

The excellent little museum is spread out over several floors, and whilst we’re sure the kids will love all of them, it’s the top floor that will really appeal. Here, there is an exhibit themed ‘the daily lives of ancient Athenians’, which is truly fascinating.

Through the displays and film, your kids will discover how Athenian lives were lived from their births through to their deaths. It’s a real insight into ancient Greece, and something we’re sure they will take many lessons from.

If you are interested in visiting the Cycladic Art Museum, we can include it on a bespoke sightseeing itinerary of Athens for families. Just contact us through the onscreen chat box for more details!

Music Museum

It’s official title may be the Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments, but we like to call this the Music Museum. Situated in Plaka, we definitely recommend you drop by here, even if it’s for just a half an hour.

Inside, you can see instruments displayed from all over Greece, along with explanations behind them. Even better though, you can listen to traditional music from all around the Greek islands and mainland through the headphones set at different stations.

The kids are sure to love listening to how music from some islands seems ‘happy’, whereas the music from other parts seems ‘sad’. There may also be a music lesson or rehearsal you could listen in on. Just ask the museum attendants when you visit!

For more details on visiting other museums in Athens and planning a Greek vacation itinerary, contact the Kids Love Greece team today. We’d love to share our local knowledge with you so we can plan the best Greek vacation!


Things to do in Pelion for families

Things to do in Pelion for families

Pelion may not have the high profile of other destinations in Greece, but it’s an ideal place to visit for families all the same. Here’s our suggestions of top things to do in Pelion for families, no matter what time of year you visit.

Pelion in Greece

The Pelion region is located on the east side of mainland Greece, roughly halfway between Athens and Thessaloniki. Taking its name after the mountain which dominates the area, Pelion makes an ideal place to visit on a road trip around Greece, or as a destination in its own right.

Tucked away on the Pelion peninsular, are traditional villages, beaches, forests and mountains. With water sports in the summer, and skiing in the winter, it’s a year around destination all the family are sure to love.

Top things to do in Pelion for families

There’s something for families to do in Pelion in every season of the year. It’s a particularly good place to visit for cultural experiences and outdoor activities.

Go Skiing in Pelion

Base yourselves in the Pelion Ski Resort, and spend some of the winter having fun in the snow! With an altitude of over 1500 metres, it’s a popular place with Greeks who want to hit the slopes when the snow is right.

The resort has several different slopes, offers beginners skiing lessons, snowboarding, and has all the usual facilities you might expect from a resort such as ski lifts and chalets serving warm drinks and tasty food.

Hiking in Pelion

The spring and autumn months are particularly good times to go hiking in the Pelion region. The forests are a delight to stroll through, whether following small tracks and loop circuits, or undertaking more ambitious hikes.

The area has many marked paths that can be used, and hotels in the region have plenty of information about local trails in the area. If you would prefer a guide to accompany you, that can also be arranged. Contact Kids Love Greece about family hiking trips in Pelion and other parts of Greece!

Summer fun in Pelion

Pelion is also a great place to have fun during the summer months. Our recommended destination in Pelion are Agios Ioannis, Horefto and Portaria. The waters around Agios Ioannis are particularly beautiful during the summer, and there are tall trees which provide some shade. At the time of writing, this was an unorganised beach, which means there are no umbrellas to rent there.

Feeling adventurous? In addition to the normal water sports you might  expect to be able to enjoy at a Greek coastal resort, there is also a dive school at Agia Kiriaki. Families with teens might like to give this a try when in the area!

Take the train from Volos to Milies

Our final suggestion is to take the little train from Volos to Milies. Over a distance of 28kms, it stops at many important places and villages through a green landscape. In fact, the train itself is considered to be an historic monument. A great experience for kids of all ages!

Interested in finding out more about things to do in Pelion for families? Contact our team through the online chat box, and we’ll be glad to help!


Why Athens is the perfect city for a Fall break for families

Street Art Walking Tour Athens

Greece might be associated with sun, sea, sand and fabulous islands in the summer, but it’s a year around destination. Athens in particular is an ideal city to visit during a fall break, especially for families. Here’s why.


Visit Athens in Autumn

Athens – the birthplace of democracy and one of the oldest cities in Europe. Made famous because of its pivotal role in history and incredible monuments such as the Acropolis, Parthenon and ancient temples, it’s a fantastic place to visit no matter what time of year.

For families though, the Fall is perhaps the best time to visit Athens. With the heat of summer slowly fading away, there can still be warm days, but the unbearable heat of August is long behind.

There’s fewer tourists as well, especially when the cruise boats start to end their runs for the season. This leaves Athens at its most authentic and genuine. A real experience for families wanting to go a little deeper than just seeing the main touristic attractions.

Things to do in Athens in Fall

Percy Jackson Day Tours From Athens - Family Vacations In Greece


Of course, the usual highlights of the city are open all the year through, and so first time visitors to Athens should still make sure they visit the Acropolis, stroll around the ancient Agora, see the Temple of Zeus, and try all that tasty food in Plaka!

There are other activities to try that all the family will enjoy.

Spend some time in the parks

The autumn is a wonderful season to visit some of the parks both in the city itself and in the surrounding area. A ‘must visit’ are the National Gardens, which are right next to the Houses of Parliament.

The gardens are a lot bigger than you think, and walking paths criss-cross each other, any of which are shaded. In the Fall, you can expect to see the leaves changing colour on some of the trees.

You could combine a visit to the National Gardens with seeing the Changing of the Guards. After time in the Gardens, you could then move on to out next suggestion.

Panathenaic Stadium

This stadium often gets left out of people’s Athens itineraries if they are staying in the city for just a couple of days. During a longer Fall break though, you will have time to fully appreciate the stadium.

The kids will love the chance to run on the track and stand on the podium at the end, and surely everyone will be inspired by the Olympic Museum inside.

Try an Urban Adventure

Street Art Walking Tour Athens

With comfortable temperatures, autumn is the perfect time for families to try an urban adventure in Athens. Take your pick from a number of walking tours that highlight contemporary cultural aspects of Athens, but our recommendation is to try a street art tour!! The walls of Athens seem to be an ever-changing canvas, and a clued in guide will be able to show you where all the latest and greatest street art is.

If you would like help planning your fall vacation break in Greece, contact us through the onscreen chat box. Our team would love to help create the perfect vacation itinerary for you and your family!


The best Cyclades islands for family vacations

best Cyclades islands for family vacations

The Cyclades islands are perhaps the most iconic of all the Greek islands. The images of whitewashed houses, blue domed churches, and old windmills come instantly to mind. Which Cyclades islands are best for a family vacation though?

Best Cycladic Islands for Families

Before we start with this list of the best Cyclades islands for families, we need to make mention of Santorini, and why we haven’t included it here. The simple reason for this, is that whilst it is certainly one of the most beautiful and stunning Cycladic islands, its lack of good beaches doesn’t make it the best choice for families when compared to the other Greek islands in the Cyclades.

With that our of the way, here’s our choices for which islands in the Cyclades are best for families!

Naxos Island

A private island tour of Naxos

Naxos is the largest Cycladic island, and our number one choice for families. Big enough to have diversity and a range of things to do, not overly touristy (at least outside of August), and with some incredible sandy beaches, a family vacation in Naxos is a memorable experience. One day you could be horse riding, the next windsurfing, and the following day snorkelling in clear waters. And let’s not forget all that gorgeous food! With Naxos producing much of its own food, Greek cuisine has never tasted better!

Why not try: A private family tour of Naxos


A beach on Milos

Although Milos has a reputation as being a ‘couples’ island, it does have several features which also make it ideal for families. One of those, is the absence of nightclubs and a loud nightlife scene, which gives the entire island a relaxed atmosphere. The other, is that Milos has over 75 incredible beaches to enjoy. From small, quiet coves to long stretches of sandy beaches, if you are a family of beach lovers, you’ll love your time in Milos!

Why not try: A sailing trip around Milos

Mykonos Island

The Windmills of Mykonos

OK, so Mykonos has gained a reputation as being a bit of a party island, but there are also quieter areas more suited for families. The ability to hire family villas is another big draw for vacations in Mykonos, as you can balance out privacy with being social. The beaches on Mykonos are beautiful, and the island is known for its upmarket service. Mykonos can be a great choice for families with older kids.

Why not try: 10 fun things to do with kids in Mykonos

Kea Island

two day family tour in Kea island cyclades kids love greece activities for families near AthensAlthough Kea is one of the Cyclades islands, it feels slightly different. Often overlooked by tourists heading to the more well known islands, Kea is a good destination for families seeking authentic experiences in Greece. Agro-tourism and cooking classes are just two activities your family might love, and there are hiking paths, beaches and water sports for more active types. We wouldn’t suggest spending your entire vacation in Kea, but a two or three day break spent in Kea during your family vacation in Greece will be a lovely addition to your itinerary.

Why not try: A 2 day family tour of Kea island

To find out more about family vacations in the Cyclades, contact the Kids Love Greece team today!