Where to see the best sunsets in Greece

sunsets in Greece

Sunsets in Greece

A sunset is one of those things that doesn’t cost a penny , and yet is priceless. It’s a timeless wonder that has fascinated mankind from the times since before Ancient Greece, and will long continue to do so. It doesn’t matter where you take your vacation in Greece, you will always be able to find a good sunset spot somewhere, but here are three of our favourite places you might want to consider when planning your itinerary.

The Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion

Athens Temple of Poseidon Stargazing at Cape Sounion Family Tour kids love greece activities

The tour out to the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion is one of the most popular day trips from Athens. This ancient Greek temple overlooks the Aegean sea, and in fact, it is from this very spot that King Aegeus is said to have leapt to his death mourning his son Theseus, thus giving the sea its name. The temple itself is dedicated to the Greek God Poseidon, and it is easy to see why. Overlooking the sea, one can easily imagine that offerings were made here both before and after a long journey. It is no coincidence either that you can witness a spectacular sunset from this temple. The feeling in the air is quite magical!

Find out more : Why not combine a family tour to the Temple of Poseidon so that you can see the sunset and take part in some star gazing after? Click here to find out more.

The Sunset at Meteora

Meteora is one of the most fascinating areas of Greece to visit. It’s landscape is one of incredible rock formations which seem like they almost belong in a science fiction movie! On top of these, monasteries have been constructed, and they seem to balance both precariously and in harmony with all around. The monasteries themselves are still in use, although today, only a handful of monks live in each one. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is a popular area for tourists and locals alike to visit. One of the highlights of a visit to Meteora, is to find the best spot to witness the sunset. Seeing the sun slowly disappear behind this almost magical backdrop creates memories that will last a lifetime!


Find out more: Take a family sunset tour in Meteora to truly experience the other-worldly charm this area has to offer! Click here to find out more.

Santorini Sunset

santorini family sailing sunset kids love greece tour

Santorini is one of the most popular Greek islands, and people generally visit in order to experience its beauty for themselves and to see at least one or more sunsets. The Santorini sunset has developed quite a reputation, and hundred’s if not thousands of people gather at popular sunset viewing points all over the island in order to see it for themselves. Whilst you are more than welcome to join in with the crowds of people, we offer a couple of unique takes on seeing the Santorini Sunset.

Find out more: Our Santorini Sunset cruise offers perhaps the most unique perspective and experience for sunset lovers. Ideal for families! Click here to find out more.


Why Greece is the Top Destination for Multi-Generational Travel

family guided tour kids love greece Traditional Cretan Cheese Tasting and Making activities for families Crete

There’s a growing trend for multi-generational travel, where 3 or sometimes even 4 generations of family take vacations together. Greece is one of the top multi-generational travel destinations, and here’s why.

Cyclades Ornos Psarou south beaches Mykonos family cruises Super Paradise Platys Gyalos Elia activities for families kids love greece

Family Travel Trips

Being able to spend quality time together has long been one of the great attractions of a family vacation. As people become fitter, healthier and live longer, this has meant that a trend for multi-generational travel has also arisen. Now, Grandparents and even Great-Grandparents can be seen joining in with family vacations, giving people a chance to reconnect and discover places old and new together. Not all destinations are ideal for multi-generational family vacations, but one country most certainly is – Greece.

Multi-Generational Vacations in Greece

There are many reasons why Greece is an ideal country for different generations of a family to visit. It’s safe, there’s an endless amount of things to see and do, and the culture is friendly and welcoming. Over the years, we’ve been pleased to have helped many different families plan their multi-generational vacations in Greece. If you’re thinking to do something along those lines yourself, here’s some suggestions in ways that Kids Love Greece can help.

Visit the village

People with Greek heritage or connections are always keen to visit the village or island that their family came from. Perhaps a Grandparent is Greek themselves, or was even stationed in a part of Greece with the military. Kids Love Greece can help organize a trip to the island or village so that you can see if it has changed over the years. You may even be able to recognize a few old faces when you are there! Contact the Kids Love Greece team with any request you have, and we’d be happy to help.

Enjoy Exclusive Experiences

A family vacation is the perfect time for everyone to reconnect and have fun. We have a number of exclusive experiences we think you might enjoy, from family cooking workshops in Crete to a family Olympics activity in Athens! No matter where in Greece you plan to take your multi-generational vacation, we can suggest activities suitable for your family group.

kids love greece family cooking class in Mykonos activities for families gastronomy Cyclades workshops traditional greek dishes



Luxury Accommodation and Family Villas

We know that planning a large family vacation can have its challenges, especially when it comes to accommodation. In some circumstances, hotels might be suitable, whereas in others a rental villa in Greece would be more practical. With experience in organizing family trips to Greece for groups of 20 and more people, you can be assured that we’ll look after you every step of the way! Let us know the type of accommodation you are looking for, and we’ll soon have a list of trusted accommodation providers ready for you to choose from.

accommodation for families elegant family vacation villa in mykonos island the Agios Sostis residence Cyclades kids love greece

Mythology Tours

Our Greek Mythology Tours are fun and educational for people of all ages. They’ve been developed with kids in mind (if they love the Percy Jackson books they will love this!), as well as adults of all ages. Visiting the most significant archaeological sites in Greece, our guides will explain the myths and legends, as well as the facts and history behind each place in a fun and engaging manner. All your transport is organized for you, leaving you to enjoy what is the ultimate multi-generational family road trip in Greece!



Things to do in Athens on March 25th and other National Holidays

See Athens by Βike Family biking activity in Athens kidslovegreece Greece children sightseeing Acropolis city tour bicycles cycling monuments private specially designed amazing experience

If you’re visiting Athens or Greece during March, you should be aware that March 25th is Greek Independence Day. This is a national holiday, which means that the Acropolis and some museums will be closed. Don’t worry though, we’ve got some great ideas for things to do!

See Athens by Βike Family biking activity in Athens specially designed private city tour kidslovegreece Greece children sightseeing Acropolis experience amazing bicycles cycling monuments

March 25th Greek Independence Day

There are a number of National Holidays during the year in Greece, with one of the most important being March 25th, Greek Independence Day. As Greeks celebrate the day on which the War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire began, archaeological sites and museums will be closed across the country. If you happen to be visiting Athens during that time, we’ve come up with a few suggestions on alternative things to see and do on March 25th and other National Holidays.

Check out the parades in Athens on March 25th

March 25th is normally celebrated by military and school parades up and down the country, with Athens having some of the biggest events. Head to Syntagma Square or ask the Kids Love Greece team what there is to see on that day. It will be an unusual and unique experience for sure!

Other National Holiday Dates

In addition to March 25th, these other dates are also considered as National Holidays in Greece where archaeological sites and museums will be closed. NOTE – The Acropolis Museum has free entry on March 25th!

  • January 1st
  • Greek Orthodox Sunday
  • May 1st
  • December 25th and 26th

Tour suggestions for National Holidays

We would suggest that if your vacation coincides with a National Holiday in Greece where archaeological sites are closed, it would be a great opportunity to use the time on a family friendly tour or activity. We’ve got a number of fun ones to choose from!

See Athens by Bike

See Athens by Βike Family biking activity in Athens kidslovegreece children sightseeing Acropolis city tour experience amazing bicycles cycling monuments private specially designed Greece

Take to two wheels with your family, and explore Athens by bike in the company of an expert local guide. They will take you along safe cycling routes through the historic center of Athens, pointing out the main attractions and some hidden highlights along the way. This is a great tour for general sightseeing, photo taking, and even orientation for later exploring the city yourselves with more time. You can find out more about it here – Family bike tour of Athens.

Private Family Food Tour

National holidays can quite often be the best time of year to take a family food tour of Athens. Many dates have special foods associated with them, and on March 25th you can expect to find “bakaliaros skordalia”, a delicious fried salted cod with a garlic sauce made of potato and olive oil. Throughout the Christmas period, we also offer different Christmas food tours in Athens. We’re sure you will love them!

Street Art Tour in Athens

Street Art Walking Tour Athens

Our final suggestion, is to take a street art tour in Athens. It doesn’t matter what else is going on in the city, the street art is always there to see! Athens is earning a reputation as being something of an urban Mecca when it comes to street art, and the constantly changing canvases of walls and shop shutters reveal a different side to the modern city. Our hip local guides know where all the latest and greatest art is. If you are visiting Athens with teens, then you should definitely take the Street Art Tour!


The Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2018


We are often asked about the live music and other events which take place in the archaeological sites around Athens in the summer. Known as the Athens and Epidaurus festival, here’s our guide for what’s on in 2018.

Flickr/ John and Melanie (Illingworth) Kotsopoulos

What is the festival?

Each year at archaeological sites in and around Athens, a festival takes place known as the Athens and Epidaurus festival. The purpose of the festival, is to present different types of theatre, music and dance in the settings of archaeological wonders such as Epidaurus and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus at the Acropolis. Greeks and visitors alike flock to the events normally held in the summer months, with popular outdoor events taking place on full moon nights.

The Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2018

Epidaurus family guided tour family guided tour kids love greece Peloponnese Percy Jackson Mythology Family Trip 7-day Package activities for families

The 2018 festival schedule has just been announced, although there are bound to be some additions and minor changes as time goes on. By looking at the schedule, we can see that it is quite likely that events will still be added into August and September. You can find the festival schedule here – Schedule for 2018.

Sting Playing in Athens 22nd and 23rd June 2018

Perhaps the most famous artist to play in Athens in 2018 will be Sting. Playing for two nights in the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, it promises to be a very memorable night. Unfortunately, tickets for this event have long since sold out. Whilst there does remain the possibility of buying tickets for this from vendors outside the venue, we strongly advise against doing this. However, if you happen to be in Athens over those dates, why not take a walk near the Acropolis? We’re sure that you will be able to hear the music floating through the air on a warm summer’s evening!

Ancient Greek Works, Classical Music and More

This year, the festival has a progressive outlook, but also retains its more classical tones. You can expect to find concerts featuring the work of Tchaikovsky as well as an unusual collaboration between US comedian and actor Bill Murray and a cellist. It’s certainly worth adding at least one evening into your travel itinerary. If you would like to find out more about the festival, you can visit their site here. If you have an interest in attending one of the events, contact the Kids Love Greece team, and we’d be more than happy to help arrange it for you.

Tours for creative families

comics creation workshop for kids kids love greece Greek mythology 2

If your family is in a creative mood, with budding artists, writers and musicians, we have a number of tours that might appeal. One which is a great deal of fun, is the Dance with the Heroes activity. We think the name is descriptive enough, and you can be sure of a lot of fun! Another suggestion is to try a comic drawing workshop. During this activity, you and the kids will have the opportunity to create you own comic books based on the characters and legends from Greek Mythology. You’ll also end up with a most unique souvenir from your time in Greece!


Luxury 5 star hotels for families in Greece

The Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens 5 Star Family Accommodation kidslovegreece Acropolis Greece luxury kids Central location best luxury collection Marriott

When it comes to luxury 5 star hotels suitable for families, Greece has an excellent selection to choose from. Here, we look at the best of the best drawn from our firsthand experience.

The Best 5 Star Hotels for Families in Greece

Whether staying on the mainland, or spending time on the islands, Greece has some wonderful family-friendly 5 star luxury hotels to stay at. As Athens, Santorini and Mykonos are the most visited destinations in Greece, we’ve put down our top 3 choices from these locations here.With unparalleled service, facilities and attention to detail, stay in any one of these hotels and be guaranteed of a relaxing time during your next family vacation in Greece!

5 Star Hotels for Families in Athens

The Greek capital of Athens has a fine selection of 5 star hotels, many of which are located right in the center. Being based in these hotels provides easy access to all the main attractions of Athens, whilst offering luxury and comfort to return to after a day’s adventure exploring the city! Of the hotels on offer, 2 stand out for us.

The Grande Bretagne Hotel

The Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens 5 Star Family Accommodation kidslovegreece Acropolis Greece luxury kids Central location best luxury collection Marriott

Situated in the heart of Athens on Syntagma Square, its rather formal name seems to hide the fact that it is the most family-friendly hotel in Athens that the Kids Love Greece team have stayed at. This one is great for families with kids of all ages, but particularly younger ones who are well taken care of. We’ve put together some special deals and welcome packages with the hotel to ensure our clients have the best stay possible. Look here for more information on the Grande Bretagne Hotel.

The King George Hotel in Athens

The King George Hotel in Athens Inspiring Accommodation for families Luxury Collection Marriot Acropolis kidslovegreece

Another centrally located hotel on Syntagma Square, the King George has more of a boutique feel to it. Whilst suitable for families with kids of all ages, older kids will perhaps appreciate the stylish luxury of the hotel more. You can look here for more information on the King George hotel in Athens.

5 Star Hotels for Families in Santorini

SantoriniPrincessSpa luxury accommodation Cyclades island greece kidslovegreece sunset imerovigli Santorini family holidays

As might be expected of the most visited of all the Greek Islands, Santorini has some of the best luxury 5 star hotels to be found anywhere in the world. In our opinion, a great choice is the Santorini Princess Spa. A boutique hotel of just 22 rooms, it exudes style and luxury which is amplified by its commanding views and serene setting. Kids will love the facilities, and parents using the spa. Find out more about the Santorini Princess Spa.

5 Star Hotels for Families in Mykonos

The Mykonos Blu Grecotel Exclusive Resort Hotel luxury high standards Cyclades Greece families kidslovegreece Psarou private beach greek islands best accommodation

Mykonos is a favourite destination for the jetset crowd, and as such the luxury 5 star hotels vie against each other for supremacy! A wonderful choice awaits people looking for family-friendly luxury accommodation on Mykonos, with our favourite being the Mykonos Blu Grecotel. Offering world class luxury and an incredible private beach, there are spa services, a private pool, childcare facilities, and easy access to tours of the island run by Kids Love Greece. If you are looking for the best in luxury family accommodation on Mykonos, find out more about the Mykonos Blu Grecotel here.