What is the best Greek island for families with young kids?


Greece has no shortage of islands to choose from – there’s over 6000 of them after all! But which ones are the best Greek islands for families with younger kids? Let’s take a look.

Choosing a family friendly Greek island

Everyone who visits Greece comments on how friendly the people are, and this is especially true of families. Kids are welcomed and treated well everywhere, and there is a real family-friendly side to Greek culture.

With that in mind, we have to point out that some Greek islands are more family friendly than others, especially for those traveling with younger kids. This can be due to the infrastructure, beaches or any number of other reasons. Below, we’ve listed 4 of the most popular Greek islands people consider visiting when in Greece for the first time. Having visited them ourselves with our kids, and from experience in the travel industry, we’ve added our thoughts on whether they are suitable for families with younger kids.

Santorini and Mykonos

Mykonos and Santorini are two of the highest-end destinations in Greece. Mykonos is more busy and active, while Santorini is an island of unique natural beauty. You need to keep in mind that accommodation in both islands is in most cases quite expensive.


Santorini is a really unique island in terms of natural beauty. It is famous worldwide for its unique views, the volcano, the amazing sunset at Oia village, but not for its beaches. They are not the most kid-friendly ones, especially for kids under the age of 7.

Flickr ilker ender Red beach Santorini

Accommodation in Santorini is very challenging when it comes to families since most of the hotels do not accept kids (especially under 13 years old). Because of the geography of the place, some hotels (even if they accept kids), they have several restrictions i.e. no jumping in the pool, respect the privacy of others, lots of stairs to reach the restaurant, not very private balconies.

Santorini does offer high-end 5 star hotels and family villas where guests needs are catered for, and these may accept kids. Even so, they need to be booked well in advance (think of a year at least in advance!). Contact the Kids Love Greece team through the online chat for more details.


The Windmills of Mykonos

Mykonos is also lovely and offers an amazing “Cycladic atmosphere”, really nice beaches and picturesque villages. Like Santorini, dedicated kid-friendly resorts are few and far between, although the accommodation does not book up quite so much as Santorini. As a high end destination, you can expect accommodation prices to be high especially in the summer season though. Overall, a better choice than Santorini for families with young kids, but there are two other great choices…

Naxos and Paros

Naxos beach and sunset

Naxos island is among our favorite family destinations in Greece. Besides its amazing “Greek island” atmosphere, its long sandy beaches are ideal for families with young children. Our favorite is Agios Prokopios! Overall the whole island is fantastic since it combines great beaches, lovely small villages and delicious food! Furthermore, it offers various accommodation options and has so many different things to see and enjoy with the family. The only thing with Naxos, is that it does not have such a variety of bigger hotels/resorts with kids club. It has however various beachfront family villas, suites and beautiful boutique hotels. It’s far more relaxed than Santorini and Mykonos, and has a more ‘authentic’ feel.

Paros is also really nice and has lovely beaches and beautiful beach villages. It is slightly smaller than Naxos and usually a bit more busy.  Overall, I would say that Naxos has a more family atmosphere while Paros is a bit more ‘trendy’ and has a more developed nightlife.

Overall, Naxos is more relaxed and has a more cozy family atmosphere, while Paros is somewhere in the middle.

Final Thoughts

We want you to have the best family vacation in Greece possible. Whilst we don’t want to discourage you from visiting Santorini, especially if it is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, there are more suitable islands for families. In our opinion, Naxos is the ideal destination, combining great beaches, good food, and an authentic atmosphere. Contact us for more details on Naxos, and we’ll help plan your next family vacation!


Percy Jackson Day Tours From Athens – Family Vacations In Greece

private family guided tour kids love greece a day in the life of an ancient athenian family friendly activities athens

Our popular Percy Jackson themed tours have been available as packages for a while, but we’ve recently added the option to book individual Percy Jackson day tours from Athens. This is a great option for families who like to have more choice over where they visit. Here’s our most popular Percy Jackson tour from Athens to choose from.

Percy Jackson Tours From Athens

Here, we’ve included our Percy Jackson day trips from Athens all in one place. Each description has a link where you can find more information. If you have any questions at all about these Percy Jackson themed tours or any of the other activities for families in Greece we offer, contact our team through the on-screen chatbox – We’d love to help!

Percy Jackson Tour of Athens – Acropolis + Museum + Temple of Poseidon

Percy Jackson Tour of Athens – Acropolis + Museum + Temple of Poseidon

If your kids are fans of the Percy Jackson books, and you only have time for one tour when in Athens, then this is for you! It’s by far our most popular choice, as not only do you get to visit the most important archaeological site in Athens, but you also get to visit a temple dedicated to Percy’s father himself – Poseidon!

During the day, you’ll be accompanied by a fun and knowledgeable guide who is not only qualified to show you around the sites you are visiting, but also is a massive Percy Jackson fan themselves! You’ll get insights from Greek mythology, the books, ancient Athenian culture and a lot more during this full day, culminating in a sunset visit to the Temple of Poseidon.

Find out more – Percy Jackson Tour of Athens – Acropolis + Museum + Temple of Poseidon

Percy Jackson Tour of Delphi – Day Trip from Athens

Percy Jackson Tour of Delphi – Day Trip from Athens

Delphi is an ever-popular day trip from Athens, and our Percy Jackson themed excursion gives it an added dimension! Once again, you will be accompanied by a qualified family-friendly guide who will both explain the site and the links the Oracle had in Greek society and culture. You’ll also hear where the inspiration for some scenes and episodes in The Percy Jackson books came from, and discover the real Greek myths that inspired them.

This private family tour is a unique way to see one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, and you’ll come away inspired, knowing more, and enriched from the experience.

Find out more – Percy Jackson Tour of Delphi – Day Trip from Athens

Percy Jackson Tour of Ancient Corinth and Epidaurus – Day Trip from Athens

Percy Jackson Tour of Ancient Corinth and Epidaurus – Day Trip from Athens

During this day trip, you’ll have the opportunity to visit two of the most important places of the ancient Greek world, both of which of course have links with the Percy Jackson books! At Corinth, you will see the famous canal, and the city where Medea was said to have poisoned the people. At Epidaurus, you will test out the incredible acoustics of the theatre, and visit a healing sanctuary. Our guide will provide insights and stories both from Greek mythology and from the Percy Jackson books, making this a day tour from Athens to remember!

Find out more – Percy Jackson Tour of Ancient Corinth and Epidaurus – Day Trip from Athens


Fun activities for Kids in Crete – Happy Family Vacations in Greece

River trekking in Crete with Kids Love Greece

We all know that vacations with kids can be a bit of a balancing act. You need to combine the things you’ve always wanted to do and see along with keeping the kids interested, happy and active. Fortunately, Greece offers plenty of options which we’ve included here in our fun activities for kids in Crete!

Visiting Crete with Kids

If you’re looking for a few fun activities to include during your family vacation in Crete, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we list some of our favorite things to do with kids in Crete. You can book them as part of a family travel package to Greece, or even just a couple of days before. The Kids Love Greece team is always here to help, and you can contact us through the chat box on this screen!

Percy Jackson Tour of Knossos and Archaeological Museum in Heraklion, Crete

Knossos family guided tour kids love greece Crete Percy Jackson Mythology Family Trip 7-day Package activities for families

We’ll start with a tour that has proven to be very popular over the last couple of years – our Percy Jackson Tour of Knossos and Archaeological Museum in Heraklion. We’ve found this to be perfect for families visiting Crete, as it appeals to different members of the family in different ways.

The kids will love how the guide explains the archaeological site in a fun way, and also mixes in stories from Greek mythology and of course the Percy Jackson books. Adults will appreciate the unique insight into the most important historic site on Crete. Everyone comes away happy!

River Trekking Outdoor Family Adventure in Crete

River trekking in Crete with Kids Love Greece

If you are a family of adventurers with kids who could be the next Bear Grylls or Indianna Jones, make sure to allow time for our river trekking experience in Crete! During the day, you will walk, swim, scramble, and climb through a gorge on the way to a monastery that offers stunning views of the Cretan sea. You’ll end the walk where the river meets the sea and then enjoy one more final swim of the day before returning. More details in the linked tour!

Bakery Class and Village Life – A True Cretan Experience

Bakery Class and Village Life – A True Cretan Experience

We often describe Crete as one of the most authentic Greek islands. Life goes on here much as it has done for hundreds of years, and village life away from the tourist hotspots remains unchanged. Our Bakery Class and Village Life tour is a fantastic way to experience this for yourselves, and your kids are sure to love it! There’s a chance to get hands on in a bakery class, and there’s plenty of homemade treats for the kids to try. It’s also a valuable experience for them as they get to see a little more of Cretan culture and life.

Family Evening Tour in Chania Stargazing Greek Gods and Stars at Night

Family Evening Tour in Chania Stargazing Greek Gods and Stars at Night

Our final suggestion is one that kids of all ages will love. Our Stargazing Greek Gods and Stars at Night tour combines astronomy, Greek mythology and astrology as you explore the sky at night! There’s the chance to see and learn about the constellations, see planets in the solar system, and listen to myths thousands of years old. This is all topped off with a delicious meal at the end of the evening – the perfect way to finish a day in Crete with your family!


Fun facts about Ancient Greece for Kids

Ancient Greece for Kids

Are you getting ready for your Greek vacation, but are concerned your kids might not appreciate some of the history as much as you? These fun facts about Ancient Greece are an ideal starting point for them!

Fun Facts About Ancient Greece

1. Who were the Ancient Greeks?

No one really knows exactly when Greek Civilization began. Some people believe it began with the mighty Minoans of Crete, but little is known about them. Even their writing is yet to be properly deciphered! Most people however believe that the first ancient Greeks would have been people from the Mycenaean civilization. The center of their power was held at the cities of Mycenae and Tiryns. These cities still survive today, and are UNESCO World Heritage sites. You can look here to find out about visiting Mycenae in Greece.

Athens to Argolis family day trip Mycenae Peloponnese kids love greece activities for families road trip

2. Ancient Greeks believed in the weirdest things….

Did you know that for some time in Ancient Greece, people wouldn’t eat beans because they believed that they contained the souls of the dead? This is just one of many strange beliefs that they had! Many others were combined into Greek Mythology, and some of the ones that stand out the most are their mythological monsters like Cerberus, which was a dog with three heads! There was also Medusa who had snakes for hair and turned people into stone if she looked at them, and the one-eyed Cyclops!

3. Ancient Greek and the Olympic Games

Greece is of course the birthplace of the Olympic Games, and the first ones were held thousands of years ago at Olympia in the Peloponnese. It is from here that we get the name of the Games. The events held in ancient times were much different than today though. There would have been chariot racing, ‘manliness’ competitions, wrestling with very few rules, and boxing. Whilst this might not seem hugely different to the events of today, remember, the Ancient Greeks used to compete naked!! Find out more here about Visiting Ancient Olympia.

Ancient Olympia family guided tour Percy Jackson Mythology Family Trip 7-day Package activities for families Peloponnese kids love greece

4. There was not really a country called Greece

Although today we know of the country Greece, in ancient times it was not really thought of in the same way. Instead, each powerful city state such as Athens, Sparta, and Thebes were fiercely independent of one another. Whilst they identified as ‘Greeks’ – they shared the same language, Gods and customs – they only united in times of need. One example of this is when the Greeks fought against the Persians on several occasions. Once they had defeated the Persians, they would disband their joint army, and then return to their own rivalries once more, often fighting against each other!

5. Ancient Greeks had many Gods and Goddesses

There were literally hundreds of ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. Some would be local to a particular town or community, whilst some such as Zeus would be recognized everywhere. Each one was to be worshipped or respected in a certain way on different days or circumstances. We imagine it might be quite confusing! To find out more about Greek Gods and Goddesses during your family vacation in Greece, we highly recommend our Percy Jackson inspired tours. These have been specifically developed with families in mind who love both Greek mythology and the Percy Jackson books. Talk to one of our online assistants today about them for more information!


The Best Time to Visit The Greek Island of Santorini

Visit The Greek Island of Santorini

The stunningly beautiful Greek island of Santorini is a must visit destination for families planning a once in a lifetime vacation in Greece. The unparalleled beauty of blue domed churches, whitewashed buildings and caldera views is a sight to behold, but when is the best time to visit Santorini? Here’s all you need to know.

The best time to visit Santorni

Santorini is one of the most visited Greek islands, drawing in people from all over the world who yearn to experience this dream island for themselves. As such, some times of year are a lot busier than others, and in our opinion, this takes some of the magic away from visiting. To fully appreciate Santorini, it is far better to visit in the quieter months.

The best season to visit Santorini

To avoid the crowds, our choice of the best season to visit Santorini is in Spring, with Fall a close second. The reason that we put spring first, is that the tourist season is yet to get into full swing. The weather is also warm at this time of year, and whilst the sea might be a bit too chilly for most to take a dip, the thermal waters near the volcano as experienced on a volcano tour are always warm enough to take a dive into!

Fall would be our second choice of a season to visit Santorini. The peak summer crowds have disappeared, and the crazy hot temperatures have eased down. All of the businesses are still open, but there is a lot more room to breathe, and of course soak up those views and enjoy all there is to see and do on Santorini!

The months to avoid

If we were to have to name two months to avoid when planning a family trip to Santorini, we would say July and August. Now, while we fully understand that for some families this may be the only time they can visit, if you have a choice, it is better to avoid visiting during this time. The reason is not only the sheer number of other visitors on the island, but also the temperatures. They can become uncomfortably high during these two months, which can affect everyone’s enthusiasm when it comes to sightseeing.

If you have to visit during these two months, make sure to book accommodation in Santorini well in advance with Kids Love Greece!

Something to think about

The one season we didn’t mention so far is winter. This can be an interesting time to visit, as Santorini is slowly but surely becoming a year-through holiday destination in Greece. Although you can have warm days, the nights may be cold. Accommodation is much cheaper, but some businesses may be closed. In short, nothing is guaranteed when visiting in winter, but the possibility of having clear skies, low numbers of tourists, and more affordable accommodation makes it a possible option for budget conscious families planning a Santorini vacation.

If you would like more information about planning a vacation in Santorini, contact our team today through the chat box on the screen. We’ll answer any questions you may have, and provide plenty of ideas to help you plan the perfect holiday in Greece!