Family friendly Tour to Delphi Archaeological Site

Walk around the archaeological site of Delphi and the museum and admire the ancient monuments. Delphi was considered the centre of the world in ancient times. Feel the energy of this place, still strong despite the centuries.

  • Family friendly Tour to Delphi Archaeological Site
  • Family friendly Tour to Delphi Archaeological Site
  • Family friendly Tour to Delphi Archaeological Site
  • Family friendly Tour to Delphi Archaeological Site
  • Family friendly Tour to Delphi Archaeological Site

Delphi, a place located in an amazing setting in the foothills of Mount Parnassos, was the city that hosted the famous oracle of the ancient Greek world. Join our Family friendly Tour to Delphi Archaeological Site and be introduced to the history of one of the most significant archaeological sites of all antiquity- considered by the ancient Greeks to be the navel of the earth. You will see monuments such as the Athenian Treasury, the Theatre, the Temple of Apollo, the Navel of the Earth, the Sacred Way, the Apollo Temple and many more!

In the Museum of Delphi you will admire unique treasures such as the world famous bronze Charioteer, the Naxian Sphinx and the Statue of Antinoos and many other masterpieces of classical Greek art.

During the 8th century BC, the sanctuary of Delphi played an important role in the ancient Hellenic world. Citizens of most Greek cities would consult the oracle prior to making any important decision.

Immerse yourself in the history of this unique place. Purify yourselves at Kastalia spring and follow the Holy Route to the Temple of Apollo to receive the oracle of Pytheia.

Then head north to visit the ancient theatre…imagine the music from the ancient concerts held here. Climb to the highest spot of this ancient place, in the Stadium…and travel back in time, picturing the athletic contests that took place back then.

After your Family friendly Tour to Delphi Archaeological Site and its museum, you have two options: either you go back to Athens or you visit Galaxidi, a beautiful seaside village.

The tour lasts between 90-120 minutes and is perfectly combined with the new guiding tool.  You may reserve tablets for your family and use the technology to visualize the amazing architecture of the site and experience an unforgettable time travel back in the time!

Another favorite family friendly Day Trip from Athens is to Argolis.

Families should know

  • It is recommended that you buy water before you enter the site
  • Do not forget your hat and sun cream. Especially during summer months, the sun is unbearable and there are only a few shady spots
  • If you visit in summer, it is best to avoid visiting around noon (12:00 – 16:00) due to the heat
  • In order to enjoy your visit with more tranquility and fewer people, it is recommended that you visit Delphi during the week rather than the weekend
  • During summer months there is normally a big queue at the ticket office. We would recommend that you start your visit early in the morning to avoid the long queues
  • You will need to wear either boots or sports shoes in the outside archaeological area
  • The place is not recommended for buggies. Following request, the north gate of the Ancient Theatre can be opened to allow a basic view of the site
  • Consumption of food is not allowed
  • Students from the EU can get a reduced ticket. However this is not the case for 65+ year olds from the EU
  • You need to get confirmation of the opening hours of the archaeological museum and site prior to your visit. The opening hours depend on the recruitment of temporary employees and opening can be delayed up to 2 months
  • For the sightseeing tour of the museum you need to contact PRIVATE guides prior to your visit, since guides are not provided by the museum or the archaeological site. Kids Love Greece can always arrange that for you
  • There is a ramp and elevator for disabled people at the museum, but not at the actual site. There is also a toilet for disabled people

Check availability

Kids will love

  • The huge bronze statue of Iniohos
  • The story behind Delphi’s role as the belly button of the earth

Parents will love

  • The energy of this place..found in its monuments, stones, springs…everywhere
  • The amazing view of the lush valley with the olive trees all the way to the beach, from which we get the term Delphic scenery
  • The thrill of walking down the ancient route of Kirras – Delphi

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
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Monday – Sunday (1st of April – 31st of October)
Archaeological museum 09:00 – 16:00 (last visit at 15:40)
Archaeological site 7:30 – 20:00 (last visit at 19:40)

Monday – Sunday (1st of November – 31st of March)
Archaeological museum 08:00 – 15:00 (last visit at 14:40)
Archaeological site 08:00 – 15:00 (last visit at 14:40)

If you want to visit the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, we recommend that you call to verify the opening hours prior to your visit. There are certain days during the year when the archaeological site is closed. For further information please follow this link:


Full (for the Archaeological Museum of Delphi or the Archaeological site): 6€ per person
Reduced (for the Archaeological Museum of Delphi or the Archaeological site): 3€ per person
Single ticket (Delphi Museum including the surrounding Archaeological site): 9€ per person
Single ticket – reduced (Delphi Museum including the surrounding Archaeological site): 5€ per person


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Other parents say...

  • After all the centuries that have passed, the energy of the place is still very present and intense!

    Vasilis P.
  • It is not acceptable to visit Greece and not visit the archaeological place of Delphi. It is a place certainly not to be missed by Greeks as well.

    Manos P.
  • The then spiritual and religious centre of the world is now characterised as a monument of universal cultural heritage according to Ounesco. Since the most important decisions of the ancient history were based on the oracle, the place still enchants the many tourists that visit it.

    Alexandra M.