• Taverna ‘Stou Dekleri’
Taverna ‘Stou Dekleri’
Taverna ‘Stou Dekleri’

Time schedule
Time schedule


15-18 € per person

Corinthia Food & Drink

Taverna ‘Stou Dekleri’

Dinner next to the fireplace! Enjoy the local delicacies, the traditional wine, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere of this lovely taverna.

The taverna of “Stou Dekleri” – meaning “at the house of Dekleris” – first opened back in 1938. Since then, it’s served delicious home-cooked meals with fresh local ingredients to countless people. The food is served on china that looks a lot like Mom’s – or maybe Grandma’s!

Even if you’re absolutely ravenous, try to rein your order in a bit – the portions are enormous. And you must try the wine – we highly recommend it!

Speciality dish
  • pan-seared mutton
  • rooster in egg-lemon sauce
  • coq au vin with noodles
  • fried bread stuffed with feta
  • country sausage
Families should know
  • In the winter, the taverna is open daily (except Wednesdays) starting at 1:30
  • In the summer, the taverna is open daily including Wednesdays (except July 10) starting at 1:30

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