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Audio Stories about the Palace of Knossos

Glaucus audio stories KidsLoveKnossos

How fascinating it would be if you were given the opportunity to meet the mythical King Minos and wonder around the spectacular Palace of Knossos? The Kids Love Greece team has created the Kids Love Knossos application for ipads/ iphones, a series of audio stories about the Palace of Knossos which have been specifically tailored for young children. Through fairy tale narrative Glaucus and his little sister Phaedra, the sweet time-travellers of Kids Love Greece, take you back in time to the glorious era of the ancient Minoan civilization.

With just one click you can enjoy Kids Love Knossos and meet characters like the terrible Minotaur, the giant Talos, Daedalus & Icarus, the beautiful Ariadne, and of course gallant Theseus. You will also meet the ‘Prince of the Lilies’ and the ‘Ladies in Blue’. Kids Love Knossos is suitable for children of all ages and lasts 60 minutes. Physical presence in The Palace of Knossos is not required. The application is available from iTunes for either the iPhone or iPad and is available in Greek or English at the price of $4.99. What do you think? Are you ready for this mystical journey?

Glaucus audio stories KidsLoveKnossos

A few words about the ‘Kids Love Knossos’ application:

  • Kids Love Knossos is a series of audio stories for children and their parents, who either happen to be in the archaeological site of the Palace of Knossos or planning to visit it
  • This application is equally ideal for every family that just wishes to learn everything about the Minoan civilization, even if they do not have the opportunity to actually travel to Crete and visit the Palace of Knossos in person
  • The application is designed for offline use and therefore there are no extra internet charges once it is downloaded
  • Physical presence at the Palace of Knossos is not required when using the mobile app. You can listen to the audio stories from any location in the world
  • The application includes maps which facilitate your visit to Knossos while listening to the audio stories
  • Kids Love Knossos is currently available in Greek and English – soon to be launched in additional languages and in the Android platform

Text editing by Mrs. Ageliki Magaraki and speakage voice overs by Ms. Katerina Magaraki and ‘Tio-tix’ team. 

Glaucus audio stories KidsLoveKnossos