baklava pastry dessert workshop KidsLoveGreece.com
baklava pastry dessert workshop KidsLoveGreece.com
baklava pastry dessert workshop KidsLoveGreece.com

Athens Baklava Baking

Taste delicious sweets, sample mountain tea and frappe, and experience genuine Greek hospitality with this memorable Athens Baklava Baking Lesson – Ideal Family Cooking Lesson in Athens.

Our host will invite you into their home in Athens for a Greek cooking lesson with a difference. Explaining the history behind this most famous of Greek desserts, they encourage everyone to join in and bake their own. This is a great opportunity for the kids to have a real hands-on experience, as they learn how to mix and bake for themselves.

It is not just about Baklava though. During this family cooking lesson, you can also sample other Greek desserts and sweets, such as Bougatsa, Halva, and Amigdalota. You will soon come to understand just why Greek cuisine is rated as one of the best in the world!

As the Baklava bakes and the lesson continues, you will learn a little more about how Greeks think and live. It will soon become apparent that kids are always well looked after, and they will be offered a continuous stream of sweets and desserts to try!

Parents will also love this afternoon cooking lesson in Athens, where they can sample different types of mountain tea, and learn how to make a Greek frappe. When the Baklava has finished baking, it is time to taste. Will you leave enough to take home with you?!

The Baklava baking lesson is just one of many different Greek food tours you can try in Athens. This Private Family Food Tour for example, is a good choice for people who wish to enjoy an incredible meal without cooking it themselves. The Greek Cooking Family Lesson on the other hand, is a great idea for families who want to learn even more about cooking Greek dishes.

Families should know

  • This is a 2-3 hour private activity that takes place in a real Greek home
  • In case of any food restrictions or food allergies, please let us know as there is flexibility to adjust the menu
Address: Athens, Greece

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Kids will love

  • Mixing the ingredients and baking
  • Trying many different types of sweets and desserts
  • A museum break!

Parents will love

  • A way for all the family to enjoy an activity together
  • The chance to discover a little more about Greek life and culture

Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All

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