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Cretan Stories: Arkadi Monastery Visit And Family Pottery Workshop

    Combine a memorable excursion to the most famous attractions of mainland Rethymno, the picturesque village of Margarites and the historical Monastery of Arkadi, with a fun pottery workshop for all the family!

    The village of Margarites is approximately 30 km south east from Rethymnon Town and 14 km from the village of Panormo. Margarites is built between two gorges at an altitude of 300 metres and is right next to to ancient Eleftherna site.

    Margarites (Village with Daisies) is considered to be one of the largest pottery centers in Greece, with numerous ceramics showrooms scatered around the village.

    Explore the colorful lanes of Margarites village, make your own pottery and learn the secrets of the centuries-old Cretan ceramic art from local artists. 

    Margarites Village Pottery Workshops Rethymnon Crete Family Vacation with Kids Greece
    Pottery shop in Margarites village in Crete

    Next stop, the breathtaking Monastery of Arkadi, recognized by UNESCO as a European Freedom Memorial. Arkadi is the most impressive monastery of Crete in terms of architecture and history.

    The central gate and the Venetian Basilica is one of the most amazing architectural monuments of the Cretan Renaissance. The beautiful courtyard is characterized by a fairy tale-like Cypress tree, one of the oldest trees in the area, which has been literally marked by history.


    Take a closer look to find an Ottoman bullet stuck within the tree’s flesh.

    Bullet tree in Arkadi Monastery DP
    Ottoman bullet stuck on a tree

    In November 1866, the “Arcadian drama” took place on this site, when the Monastery was seized by the Ottoman army, and the people trapped in the powder magazine decided they preferred to blow themselves up than fall into the hands of the enemy. Today you can still see the signs of fire on the powder magazine’s walls and the destroyed rooftop. 

    After a long day, enjoy a delicious Cretan lunch at a local restaurant with panoramic views of the Cretan mountains, and contemplate on the things you learned in this amazing tour full of art, history, colors, and beautiful landscapes. 

    Families should know

    • The total duration of this tour is approximately 4 hours
    • Private transport by an air-conditioned vehicle from and to your hotel
    • The entrance fee in Arkadi (3 euros) and the option of a licenced tour guide is not included in the price
    Address: Monastery of Arkadi 

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    Kids will love

    • Experimenting with clay and water, expressing their creativity
    • Exploring the colorful lanes of Margarites
    • Listening to fascinating tales about the history of Arkadi

    Parents will love

    • Making their very own hand-made souvenir souvenir with clay
    • Learning about the Cretan pottery art
    • The amazing architecture and history of Arkadi

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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