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The Mamma Mia Family Tour

    Are you or any of your family members a Mamma Mia fan? If you ever caught yourself daydreaming of the beautiful island of Kalokairi or humming lyrics of the Mamma Mia songs, then, it’s time to live the real ‘Mamma Mia’ family experience on the majestic island of Skopelos.

    Where is the Kalokairi island in Greece? How can I visit it with my family?

    Although there is no Greek island actually called “Kalokairi” (“summer” in Greek), the locations where the popular musical was filmed, are more than real. In fact, the primary location of Mamma Mia is on Skopelos, one of the most beautiful islands of the Greek Sporades in the northwest Aegean Sea.

    Join our Mamma Mia Family Tour and spend a memorable day with the kids while visiting all spots of Skopelos featured in the movie.

    Your Private Mamma Mia Family Tour will start with a relaxed drive across the beautiful west coast of Skopelos until your reach the famous chapel of Agios Ioannis Kastri, the so-called Mamma Mia wedding church. Agios Ioannis is the place where Donna sings to Sam ‘The Winner Takes It All’.

    This picturesque small chapel is built on the top of a rock offering amazing views of the Aegean Sea. Although you will need to climb 199 steps to reach the chapel, we feel that it’s really worth the effort. Besides the stunning views from the top, visiting Agios Ioannis will also give you a real taste of the Mamma Mia carefree atmosphere.

    Skopelos beach with rocks Greece

    After visiting the chapel where Sophie wants to get married, you will head towards the gorgeous beach of Kastani. Before reaching Kastani beach you will take a short stop at an olive press close to Glossa Village. There, you and the kids will learn some interesting facts about the production of Skopelos’ virgin olive oil.

    A beautiful shot of the village of Glossa Mamma Mia Skopelos

    As soon as you reach Kastani beach, both you and the kids will be amazed by the breathtaking natural scenery and its crystal clear waters. From the very first moment you step on Kastani, you will sense why the Mamma Mia production team chose this beach as one of the major filming spots of the movie.

    After you enjoy a rejuvenating family swim and listen to interesting in-depth information about the several Mamma Mia! scenes that took place on Kastani beach, you can relax with the kids at the cozy beach bar and enjoy a refreshing drink while gazing at the unique beauty around you.

    Kastani Beach on Skopelos Mamma Mia DP

    Your next stop will be the picturesque port of Agnontas on the south part of the island. Nestled in a beautiful bay, Agnontas took its name from the Olympic runner Agnon. Both you and the kids can enjoy a swim in the calm, crystal clear waters of Agnontas.

    You may also enjoy delicious fresh fish dishes at one of the small taverns located on the beach. Choose a table right by the water and relax under the shade of the pine trees that literally touch the sea. The feeling is magnificent.

    The port in Agnontas of Skopelos DP Mamma Mia

    On your way back to Skopelos town, you will gaze from a distance the cape of Amarandos, the so-called three trees, due to the three pine trees that stand tall at the end of a white rocky gulf, facing the sea.

    Join our Mamma Mia Family tour, feel the carefree lifestyle featured in the movie and collect family memories that will last forever.


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    Families should know

    • You can enjoy our Mamma Mia Family Tour either  from Skopelos or as a day trip from Skiathos island
    • Wear light clothes and flat or training shoes
    • Do not forget your hats, sun lotion and of course your cameras

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    Kids will love

    • Visiting the major spots featured in the favorite Mamma Mia movie
    • The crystal clear waters of Kastani beach
    • Learning several inside information about the movie

    Parents will love

    • The amazing natural scenery of Skopelos island
    • The Mamma Mia atmosphere
    • The views from the top of Agios Ioannis chapel
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • We’re very interested in doing this tour with you.Our food and drink included with this or is that separate? Will we have time to walk to the top of the church?

      • Hello Charlie, thank you for your interest in the “Mamma Mia Family Tour. To answer your questions… food and drinks are not included. You definitely have time to go up the stairs and visit the church! We will send you an email with all the info. Thank you.


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