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Nemea with Kids: Mythology and Wine Tour for families

    If you have kids that are into Greek Mythology, and are planning to visit Greece and the Peloponnese in particular, we strongly recommend that you visit Nemea with your kids. And if you are wondering what to do in Nemea with kids, here are some fun things to do in Nemea. 

    Nemea and viticulture for kids

    Did you know that Nemea is one of the most important winemaking regions?  It is not coincidence that Nemea was  the favorite place of God Dionyssos, the “party animal” of all Greek gods! :-) 

    Adults winelovers (or Oenophiles) love the gorgeous vineyards and tasting the Agiorgitiko, one of Europe’s leading grape varieties. While adults will be enjoying their wines, kids will be learning all about wine production and engage in viticulture family-friendly activities. 

    Depending on the level of your interest and existing knowledge of viticulture as well as the ages of your kids, we will recommend to you the best winery to visit. That’s a really tough decision given the fact that there are almost 35 wineries in the area of Nemea!

    Nemea and Greek mythology

    Kids interested in Greek Mythology will love our Family Mythology Tours in the Nemea region, where the Archaeological site of Nemea and the ancient Stadium are located. 

    Our family friendly guide will share all exciting stories about the Nemean games as well as all myths of Greek heroes associated with the region. After all, this is the place where the great Hercules accomplished his first labor and slayed the Nemean lion. 

    A customized full day of fun for the whole family

    Did we persuade you that Nemea is worth a visit? We certainly hope so! 

    You can choose among the following options:

    • Visit the archaeological site of Nemea and the ancient stadium
    • Wine tasting in one or multiple wineries
    • Visit a family owned organic balsamic vinegar company for product tasting
    • Rich picnic in a vineyard with local delicacies and a selected wine of the region
    • Cooking class on traditional recipes with local ingredients 
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting
    • An archery lesson with a professional trainer in the vineyard

    Rest assured that the Kids Love Greece team will help you create your own tailor-made itinerary for your family in Nemea that will be fully customized to your family and the ages of your kids. 

    Families should know

    • If you are a real wine lover, we may include more than one winery during your visit to Nemea.
    • This is a perfect day trip either from Athens or Nafplion.
    • The drive from Nafplion to Nemea is around 45 minutes.
    • The drive from Athens to Nemea is around 1 hour and 20 minutes.
    • We may arrange a vegan wine tour, as not all wines are vegan. This will be accompanied with a freshly cooked vegan meal.
    • During the harvest period- from middle August to middle October- we may arrange a special grape harvest tour.
    • We can arrange a private transfer for your family (from Athens or Nafplion)

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    Kids will love

    Running in the stadium like the ancient Greek athletes did, 3.000 thousand years ago.
    The Temple of Zeus and the mythical land of Nemea
    Tasting local delicacies and baking bread in the old style wood oven

    Parents will love

    The aromatic Agiorgitiko grape variety
    The combination of Greek gastronomy with finely selected wine
    The beautiful view over the Nemea valley

    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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