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Kipina monastery Tzoumerka KidsLoveGreece.com © religiousgreece_gr
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Kipina monastery Tzoumerka KidsLoveGreece.com © religious.gr
Kipina monastery Tzoumerka KidsLoveGreece.com © religiousgreece.gr

Kipinas Monastery – Kalarrytes

    Start your journey from the village of Pramandas and head towards The Monastery of Kipinas. We guarantee you’ll enjoy the journey. The scenery of Ipiros is breathtaking any time of year.
    Just before you reach the monastery you’ll come to a ‘kafeneio’ – an old style café. Stop here and pick up the key to the monastery. A pleasant surprise is waiting for you, but we do not want to spoil it by telling you what it is!

    The monastery’s location adds to its beauty as it is literally nestled between the mountains. To get to the monastery you need to follow a path which has been carved in the rocks. Cross the wooden bridge to get to the entrance. It is interesting to notice the wooden lever which was used to lift the bridge and protect the monastery from unwanted intruders during the Turkish occupation era.

    Admire the frescoes and wander around in the monks’ quarters. You can’t help but be overwhelmed by a feeling of piety. Remember to light a candle, and return the key safely to the ‘kafeneio’ so it is there for the next visitors to take.

    Next stop is Kalarrytes village. The village has a few inhabitants and has been quite neglected which brings a feeling of nostalgia. It is built on the edge of a steep ravine and its stone houses and slate roofs are characteristic of the area. Stroll round the picturesque narrow streets, visit the only traditional grocery store, and stop at a ‘kafeneio’ for a ‘tsipouro’ – a Greek traditional drink – and a meze. In winter time it is easy to know which places are open from the smoke coming out of the chimneys.

    If you’re wondering what to do next while you are in the area, have a look at our suggestion of ‘Tzoumerka – Epirus’ in the ‘Ideas for Excursion’ section.

    Families should know

    • A hotel reception is usually a very good source of information on how to get out and about and it isn’t difficult once you know how
    • It is recommended to start early in the day. Provincial roads are quite narrow and you need to drive slowly. The multiple bends at a high altitude en route to the village of Kalarrytes make driving even harder. Don’t do this outing if you are afraid of heights
    • Wear comfy shoes if you enjoy walking in the countryside. The road leading to the next village of Syrrako is very scenic
    • The outing is not recommended for families with babies as using a pushchair in the suggested places could be very challenging
    • No cars are allowed within the village so you need to park on the outskirts


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    Kids will love

    • The monastery nestled in the mountains
    • The ‘domestic’ deer found in a house in the village of Kalarrytes

    Parents will love

    • The rugged scenery of Ipiros
    • The nostalgic feeling the places exude
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All

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