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          • What are the Kids Love Greece themed trips?
          • Can I customize a themed trip?
          • Are your themed trips suitable for all age groups?
          • What types of themed trips do you offer?
          • Can I combine multiple themes in one trip?
          • How long are the themed trips?
          • Can I book a themed trip for a large group or special event?
          • How do I book a themed trip with Kids Love Greece?

          Our themed trips are customizable, (usually) multi-day, family tours designed around specific interests, such as mythology, history, adventure, or family activities, tailored to provide unique family-friendly experiences in Greece. From self-drive trips to shore excursions, Kids Love Greece provides everything your family needs to create long-lasting memories in Greece.

          Absolutely. All Kids Love Greece themed trips are customizable, as meeting your family’s needs is our top priority. You can customize a themed trip by selecting your preferred destinations, activities, accommodations, and special interests. Our team will work with you to create a personalized itinerary.

          Yes, most of our themed trips are designed to cater to all age groups, including families with toddlers, young children, teenagers, and older adults, ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience. If you’re not sure whether one of our tours is suitable for your family, don’t hesitate to contact our team here.

          We offer a variety of themed trips, including Self Drive trips, multigenerational trips, Percy Jackson tours, Mythology family tours, shore excursions for cruise passengers, and more.

          Absolutely! You can combine different themes, such as mythology and adventure, or history and relaxation, to create a unique and comprehensive travel experience.

          The duration of themed trips varies depending on your preferences. We offer trips ranging from a few hours to several weeks. All our themed trips are fully customizable to fit your schedule.

          Yes, we can accommodate large groups and special events such as family reunions, birthdays, or anniversaries, providing personalized itineraries and activities to suit your group’s needs.

          To book a themed trip, simply contact our trip planners through our website (click here). Our travel experts will assist you in planning and customizing your perfect Greek adventure.

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