cyclone in greece

Cyclone Warning for Greece: Medicane Brings Gale Force Winds To Greece

    A cyclone is building up to hit the southern Ioanian sea region, bringing with it gale force winds and a temperature drop. Here’s what you need to know.

    cyclone in greece

    Greece prepares for Cyclone

    The summer of 2018 has been a long and warm one, stretching right up until the end of September. Things are about to change though, and quite dramatically. A cyclone type storm is building up in the Ioanian sea, causing gale force winds throughout the country.

    Many areas of the country are already affected, with strong winds blowing through Delphi. There have even been reports of some early snow on Mount Parnassos! With strong winds, rain, and perhaps even localised flooding predicted over the coming few days, this unusual weather system will pass within a few days, but it’s best to keep up to date with local news during the mean time.

    What is a Medicane?

    This weather system is often described as a Medicane, which is basically a combination of the words Mediterranean and hurricane. Strong winds can bring down trees and branches, and heavy rainfall can occur. Greece of course is a big country, and not all areas will be affected the same way.

    We’re visiting Greece during this period, what can we do?

    Almost certainly ferries will be canceled and/or delayed. If you have ferries booked during this period, or whenever there is bad weather, it is best to get in contact with your ferry company. You might also want to make alternative plans for transport such as switching from ferry to air.

    You should also talk with your hotel staff, and ask for local advice. They may suggest altering travel plans, or present alternative things to see and do that tales the weather into consideration.

    Power outages may occur. This are unpredictable in nature, but you can be prepared by ensuring your electronic devices such as phones are charged at all times so that you can have light as well as a way to communicate should the need arise.

    If you have any tours booked through Kids Love Greece, then get in touch with our team so that we can offer further assistance.

    Things to do in Greece when the weather is bad

    Fortunately, Greece has very few days when the weather is bad. As most, such as this cyclone in Greece, can be predicted, it is easy to plan around by choosing things to do when the weather is bad.

    One obvious choice is to make bad weather days the days when you visit museums or even try a family workshop or two. This way, you will be indoors and still having that great Greek experience you took the vacation for. Contact the Kids Love Greece team for more information.

    Stay safe

    In the meantime, we encourage people visiting Greece as well as Greeks themselves to stay safe over the next few days. Try to restrict travel to a minimum and all but essential travel, and give the outdoor activities a miss for a few days.

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