Create your own mosaic masterpiece in Mykonos.Irene is the best teacher for your kids

    Let’s meet Irene, our favourite family artist in Mykonos. She is inspired by the ancient art of Mosaic and is ready to introduce your kids to an amazing experience. We have asked her everything you would like to ask!

    How old is the mosaic art? Do we meet it back in Ancient Greece?

    Ancient Greeks were really involved with this art. In fact, they realy developed it by pioneering the use of smaller elements and introducing the consistent use of geometric symmetries. So Ancient Greeks expressed themselves a lot through this art.

    In fact, I maintain the ancient tradition by cutting the Mosaic tiles by hand. Every tile I use is cut individually one by one.

    What makes the mosaic art so special for you?

    I grew up between the islands of Mykonos and Delos. I spent 10 years in Delos, and it was on this island that I familiarized myself with the mosaic arts. A place where the light-stone defines the landscape. After all, mosaic is light and stone….

    I also love that Mosaic Arts are a craft based in the recycle of materials.

    What do kids like most during the mosaic workshop?

    The way the stones get alive and compose the themes. They can not realize it at the beginning of the workshop so they get really excited when they finish their piece of art.

    mosaic mykonos workshop kids

    Which are the favourite themes of kids?

    The sun , the sea and the windmills of Mykonos are all great inspirations for them. The ones that love Greek Mythology choose also the ancient reproductions I make.

    Is the equipment used safe for the kids?

    The children use just their hands to make the Mosaic. I personally cut the tiles ahead of time. So the whole experience is absolutely safe for them

    Do you follow any specific restrictions and guidelines due to COVID19? Have you updated your services?

    Of course we have updated all amenities according to all protocols. The Mosaic lessons are held on a private basis in an open space. Kids will be required to wear a mask and gloves and there is always enough space between the seating to ensure safe distances. The tools and the environment are sterilized from one workshop to another.

    Do the kids need to have any former experience with mosaic art before making the workshop?
    Not really. I make all the necessary preparation so they can create their masterpieces without any former experience.

    Can the kids take their art projects with them after the workshop?
    Of course, the kids take them home at the end of the workshop.

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