© Congratulations to 'Arsinoe de Thrace', an one year old Greek fashion company

Dressed like Arsinoe


    Let’s be honest. Fashion in Ancient Greece was brilliant and still now has been the inspiration of many internationally acclaimed fashion designers.

    Imagine how excited we got when we found out about ‘Arsinoe de Thrace’ (AdT), a new Greek fashion company founded in Samothrace in Greece.

    Inspired by the ancient Greek style of Arsinoe, the ancient queen of Thrace, ‘Arsinoe de Thrace’ dresses are made only with Greek raw materials, such as pure silk and cashmere from a Greek town called Soufli, famous for its silk production.

    Arsinoe 2

    There are two things that we love about ‘Arsinoe de Thrace’:

    1. Perfect match: The creation of each dress is a team effort between the designer and the woman who plans to buy the dress. By doing each designer safeguards that each dress matches the personality of the woman.

    2. Catwalks among sculptures and statues: The fashion shows take place in museums as each dress is a piece of art.

    Arsinoe 3

    The first show was in their natural environment, in Samothrace’s archaeological site, where the Winged Victory of Samothrace was found.

    The second show, in December 2013, presented the 2014 collection in Glyptothek in Munich. Watch the video here:

    ‘Arsinoe de Thrace’  plans to travel to Louvre in Paris and present its collection alongside the Winged Victory of Samothrace and the Venus of Milos.

    We really can not wait to see the future collections… and fingers crossed that sooner than later ‘Arsinoe de Thrace’ will also create masterpieces for little girls. I will be the first to buy them!

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