Saint Theodora: the church with the trees on the roof

    There are so many unexplained phenomena in this small church of Saint Theodora, in Vasta Arkadias in Greece. \

    On the roof of the church, 17 trees have grown in an impressive way embracing and supporting the church. Each tree weight over a ton and is almost 30m long, despite the fact that the ground isn’t solid enough for those trees to be placed.

    There is an underground water which flows from the church and beyond

    NOWHERE in the inside or on the outside of this church you’ll find the root of any of the trees. We read that many research studies have been made, even with X rays, to find whether the roots are inside the walls of the church… but they are not.

    According to the tradition, in the Byzantine years there was Theodora, a young girl who was forced to join the army. She presented herself as a man since she had no brothers and her father was too old to join.

    While in the army, one young woman fell in love with Theodora (she thought she was a man) and told the commander that she got pregnant by Theodora. Then, the commander offered to Theodora two choices: to either marry the young woman, OR sacrifice herself.

    Obviously, Theodora couldn’t marry the other woman and before her death, she said a prayer to God: “Let my body become a church, my blood a river, my hair the forest

    In the 12th century, the church of Saint Theodora was built and this is where Theodora got buried. It is believed that the 17 trees on the roof of the church symbolize the age of Theodora when she was killed.

    We just love Greece and its endless stories, don’t you?

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