Delos archeological site
delos island archeological site
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Delos archeological site
Delos archeological site
Delos archeological site © Delos - 03
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Delos “Day Trip”

    Located just 6 miles from Mykonos, Delos is easily accessible by boat in about 30 minutes. On Delos, the whole family will have the possibility to discover one of the most extensive excavations in the Mediterranean.

    Delos is definitely one of the most important and central places in Greek mythology, being the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. This tiny little island in the centre of the Cyclades archipelago houses the Archaeological Museum of Delos, as well as the Temples of Apollo and the sanctuary of Artemis. There you will also see remains of the ancient city and the impressive Avenue of the Lions.

    Do not leave Delos unless you visit the museum there, where you can admire Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman Sculptures. The ancient theatre is also stunning.

    We recommend that you book a private family tour, as there are no signs at the majority of the structures.

    If you go there alone, allow at least 2 hours on the island so that you get a real sense of the magnitude of Delos. Make sure that you climb up the theatre and to the top of the hill!

    Did you know? Delos has been a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990? Its archaeological site was considered by the same organization as “exceptionally extensive and rich”. Truly remarkable!

    For a detailed overview of Delos and What to do with the Family, check our relevant article.

    Families should know

    • Delos can only be visited by boat. There are various travel agencies that sell tickets for organized tours to Delos from Mykonos and other islands such as Naxos. You can also buy the tickets online. You can opt in for a hotel pick-up and drop-off at the port.
    • Although you can make a full-day visit on your own, most companies provide half-day tours. During a four and a half hour tour, an experienced and qualified guide will explain to everyone the history behind such an extraordinary place.
    • Given the fact that the walk will be made on an excavation site, the whole family shouldn’t forget to bring along appropriate shoes, especially children. Also, sunscreen is considered a must-have!
    • It’s really important that everyone drinks lots of water in order to avoid dehydration. Bring some snacks as well.
    • For a more “exclusive” visit, consider hiring a private boat, which will take you to Delos. Contact us if you would like more information. This is ideal if you are a big group of people.
    Address: Delos, Cyclades, Greece


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    Kids will love

    • To be in the middle of ancient city, surrounded by buildings that are one of a kind!
    • The Terrace of the Lions, since every kid enjoys animal sculptures!
    • The boat ride, which is something really different compared to their day-to-day activities!

    Parents will love

    • The tour guide explanation that will make every single adult desire to have lived in ancient Greece!
    • To take some stunning photographs on important cultural sights!
    • The astonishing views provided by the boat ride from Mykonos to Delos!
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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