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A Mythological Tour in Greece: Self Drive or Private Transfer?

    How would you prefer to get around on your mythological tour in Greece? Would you love the chance to experience driving in a foreign country, or be happier taking private transfers? Let’s take a look at both options so we can help you plan the ultimate family mythological tour in Greece!

    The Highlights of Mythological Greece

    No trip to Greece is complete without seeing some of the mythological highlights. Some families make it the basis of their entire trip. Some spend just a few days at key places before jetting off to one of the fabulous Greek islands for the beach. Which mythological highlights would you choose to visit? There’s the world famous sites such as the Acropolis, Delphi, and Knossos of course, but also dozens more waiting for you to discover them. You’ll soon find that there is a lot more to Greece than you at first thought!

    A Mythological Tour in A Greece: Self Drive or Private Transfer?

    For this blog post, we’ll assume that you already know what you want to see, so we’ll concentrate on the ‘how’ instead. The two best options are going to be to self-drive between places, or using private transfer services. We’ll give you the pros and cons of each so that you can make your own minds up. Maybe you could even ask the kids to vote on it!

    Self-drive in Greece

    If your family is willing to take the adventure, you are going to find that Greece is a great country to go on a road trip! There’s tiny rural villages nestled in the hillsides, local tavernas serving tasty traditional cuisine, and friendly folk all around willing to help you out if you’ve missed a turn or need directions. Taking a driving holiday around Greece is certainly an amazing experience, and a fun way of getting to places connected with Greek mythology. Is it for you though?

    family trip with car KidsLoveGreece.com


    • Set your own agenda and schedule
    • Get off the beaten track
    • Be fun and adventurous!


    • You will need to do all the planning
    • Parking in some towns and cities is challenging
    • The system of road signs is not the best!

    If you are the type of family who have fun on the road, embrace adventure, and are truly independent, driving yourself on a Greek road trip is perfect! You’re still going to want to use an experienced local guide who is knowledgeable about the site you are visiting, but getting there and away again is all in your own hands. Want to find out more about driving in Greece? Have a chat with one of our team using the chat function on this site right now. We’ll be more than happy to help!

    Private transfers

    Driving in a foreign country has a set of challenges that can sometimes be difficult to cope with, especially when travelling with younger kids. Some people simply prefer knowing that their transport is pre-arranged. That way, they can concentrate on the important things, like relaxing and enjoying the vacation. This is why private transfers between mythological sites in Greece is the most popular form of transport. Here’s some of the positives and negatives.

    family trip with car KidsLoveGreece.com


    • No need to plan routes, worry about fuel, or worry about where to park
    • The driver can offer door-to-door service between destinations
    • The hassle free approach!
    • The driver will know where the hidden gems, and will stop for photos!


    • It is a more expensive option
    • Little or no flexibility once transfers have been arranged

    Private transfers are ideal for people who have little time to plan their routes, and would prefer to leave the transportation in someone else’s hands. Depending on the tour, a driver may also be an officially licensed guide who can show you around the archaeological sites and help bring them to life. Especially important for the kids!

    Find out more

    Contact the Kids Love Greece team today to start planning your next family vacation in Greece. We’re expert locals who are passionate about Greece, expert locals, and know all about traveling with families!

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