Attica Zoo Park

There is nothing better than spending the day with your children at the largest zoo in Greece.

  • Attica Zoo Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Attica Zoo Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Attica Zoo Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Attica Zoo Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Attica Zoo Park
    ©Giorgos Gounezos
  • Attica Zoo Park
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  • Attica Zoo Park
  • Attica Zoo Park
  • Attica Zoo Park

First of all do not forget to pick up a map of the park at the entrance as it will help you immensely during your tour. Beautiful animals from all over the world will enchant and impress the whole family as well as leave you with unique memories.

attica zoo park

attica zoo park

Εικόνα 444

Attica Zoo Park has more than 350 animal species, and half of these species are endangered. As well as the exotic animals, a section of the park is dedicated to Greek fauna, where the brown bear is the stand-out attraction. Bird lovers will enjoy watching the many different kinds of birds. In the past Attica Zoo Park used to function as an Ornithological Park which had the third biggest collection of birds in the world.

attica zoo park

attica zoo park

Giraffes, zebras, antelopes, pink flamingos, jaguars, penguins, hippos, rhinos, camels  … these are all amongst the incredible assortment of animals waiting for you. Try not to miss the Komodo dragons and the anteaters. One of the highlights of the park is the playful sea elephants and the fascinating dolphin show at the pool.

attica zoo park

attica zoo park

Families should know

  • On Sundays, provided that the weather is good, the place can get crowded, especially during the peak hours of 11:00 a.m. – 14:00 p.m. which means that waiting time to get in can be more than 30 min. To avoid the hassle it is advised that you schedule your arrival at the park a bit earlier or later, or prebuy the tickets on-line
  • There is not much shade at the park other than the cafeteria and the area for picnicking so it makes sense to avoid visiting the park around noon, especially in the summer
  • The animals are more active either early in the morning or late in the afternoon
  • While the park is open for children of any age, it is not recommended that you bring babies due to the lack of shade during the summer
  • It is advised that you pack hats and suncream, especially for your children during the hot summer days
  • There are facilities for disabled people at the park
  • In the cafeteria there is no hot food on offer, only snacks

Kids will love

  • The family of brown bears – mother, father and baby bears
  • The forest where the lemurs live
  • Feeding time for the chimpanzees
  • The educational programme with the dolphins

Parents will love

  • The cafeteria with a view of the African Savannah
  • The walk in the park
  • The pink flamingos and the impressive lions

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
explore the map


Everyday (including bank holidays)

For prompt information about the timetable and tickets please go to the below links:


Adults: 15€
Children 3-12 years old: 11€
Under 3 years old: Free

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Other parents say...

  • …We became kids again and were staring at the animals.

    Marianna P.
  • Our tot loved feeding the animals.

    Lila Ps.
  • We combined our visit to the zoo with a picnic at the benches in the park and felt that we were transferred to somewhere in Africa.

    Daniel A.
  • The programme with the dolphins is quite educational for the kids.

    Hara M.
  • We could not have imagined that such a beautiful park is so near.

    Lora V.
  • The cafeteria now serves hot food.

    • Dear Samantha, thank you for your input. On behalf of the Kids Love Greece team.

      Katerina Makatouni

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