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Athens and its Monuments with a Greek Island Twist

    It certainly wouldn’t be a myth to say that a trip to Greece is a dream for millions of people worldwide. However, the biggest question of all would be exactly WHERE in Greece to go. There is no right or wrong answer to this question … even locals face the same indecision!

    One thing for certain is that you should not miss visiting historical attractions and museums such as the Acropolis as well as the majestic Parthenon in Athens. On the other hand, no visitor to Greece should leave without experiencing the feeling of a Greek island… sandy beaches and swimming in clear blue water. Time on your holidays is, of course, an issue, so the question we have to ask is this. Is there a place near Athens that enables you to combines both? The answer is YES! We have the perfect place for you, and that is Sounio.

    Stay in Cape Sounio Hotel, an hour’s drive away from Athens. The bay and the surrounding natural environment give you the feeling of having escaped to a serene Greek island. The Temple of Poseidon, a stone’s throw away, will truly enamour all lovers of ancient Greece and here, even today, believers still pay tribute to the ancient gods of Olympus. Sip a cocktail at sunset as you look out to the Temple whilst your children will be totally entertained at the Greco Club, one of the most well-organized children’s clubs in the country.

    To visit the Temple of Poseidon with your family as part of a family guided tour, please click HERE

    Devote at least two days to visiting Athens and its archaeological treasures. The drive along the coastal road from Sounio to the centre of Athens (and vice versa) is quite an unforgettable experience. The best way to reach the centre of Athens is by car although there is also regular public transport. If the choice was to be between hiring a car and taking a taxi, we recommend the latter as Greeks are infamous for their ‘crazy’ driving!

    A visit to the Acropolis goes without question. The adventure of climbing up from the entrance to the Propylaea and the rocks at the Acropolis is truly unforgettable.

    For a private guided tour to the Acropolis with your family click HERE:

    The Acropolis Museum is a must-see too. The Museum offers an extremely entertaining activity pack with family games. Children will love the virtual game of ‘Looking for Goddess Athena’ as well as the puzzle with magnets that represents the goddess Athena. Don’t forget to take your camera and get ready to say ‘CHEESE’ in front of the Parthenon and Caryatids. That’s a photo that will definitely impress friends and family … not to mention the school teacher!

    For a private guided tour to the Acropolis Museum with your family click HERE:

    During your stay in Athens take time to go to the lively and beautiful neighbourhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki which are also next to each other. You’ll love wandering around the shops and picturesque streets, where monuments from different historical periods pop up on every street corner. There is no doubt that you’ll feel the beat of the old Athens in your heart.

    Bon Voyage!


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    Kids will love

    Visiting multiple historic sites during the morning and swimming in crystal clear waters in the afternoons: what a treat!

    Parents will love

    The educational activities coupled with relaxation on the beach

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