Lake Vouliagmeni

An interesting site in Athens with clear blue water which we highly recommend a family visit.

  • Lake Vouliagmeni
  • Lake Vouliagmeni
  • Lake Vouliagmeni
  • Lake Vouliagmeni

This site will leave you completely in awe from the moment you enter. The lake is known for its natural beauty, including caves and thermal springs that will excite everyone. Due to its biodiversity it is considered a Natural Heritage Site, and is therefore protected.
You can enjoy breakfast, lunch or even dinner while your kids can run around in the playground. Why don’t you all go for a swim in the lake’s thermal water? It is completely safe for your little fellows as it is protected from the wind. We guarantee that they will have loads of fun and endless splashing around. The generous fish might also give you a free spa!
What is more, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy. For example you can go for a walk or cycle to the nearby so called ‘Hill of the Sage’. You can also do yoga, aqua aerobics, snorkel with the children, or just take a relaxing massage. We leave it to you to decide!

Families should know

  • You should know that the All Day Bar Restaurant offers children’s menu
  • The lake’s fish which are well known for their spa services have disappeared for a while. It is still not known whether this is permanent
  • There is an entrance fee to the site. This, however, adds to the safety of the site

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Kids will love

  • The innovative games in the playground
  • Snorkeling for hours in the lake
  • The deserts on the children’s menu – the ice cream in particular

Parents will love

  • The lake, the lake…ah, and the lake
  • A relaxing massage
  • Cycling to the Hill of the Sage

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Closed during Winter Winter
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Daily from 7.00 a.m. to 20.00 p.m.


Monday – Friday: Adults 9 €, Children 6 € (free entrance for children up to 6 years old)
Weekends: Adults 10 €, Children 7 € (free entrance for children up to 6 years old)

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Other parents say...

  • One of our favourite outings when summer is on its way. The lake has its own way of holding the attention of both young and ‘older kids’, so they all have a good time.

    Anastasia L.
  • It is such a nice feeling not to have to worry about the children while enjoying your swim or coffee. The site is totally safe, and the playground and the lake keeps them occupied for hours – well, at least until they get hungry!

    Konstantinos K.

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