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ARCHELON – The Sea Turtle Protection Society

    In addition to its important role in rescuing injured or sick sea turtles, ARCHELON’s Rescue Centre aims to create environmental consciousness, especially to kids.

    Families interested to visit the Centre can attend the 45-min long educational  “Sea Turtle Rescue Tour”. They will learn about sea turtles in the Mediterranean, their biology, their migration routes, feeding habits and reproduction patterns. They will see for themselves the threats to their survival from plastic in the sea and other types of sea pollution, from entanglement in fishermen nets, from the irresponsible behavior of humans. It is important to know that on less than 100 km of sandy beaches in Greece, one finds about 50% of the loggerhead sea turtle nests in the whole Mediterranean. Therefore, it is crucial to safeguard those beaches.

    Kids will see the impressive impact of ARCHELON volunteers in saving sea turtles at the Rescue Centre and releasing them back to the sea when they are healthy again.

    The “Sea Turtle Rescue Tour” is available with a donation of 50€ for a group of 1-8 people (kids under 4 are not accounted for). The donation will cover the food and medicine costs of one sea turtle in the Centre for 10 days. Kids can see the turtle they have “adopted” and a certificate will be issued. Booking in advance is required at

    ARCHELON runs conservation volunteer projects on the main loggerhead nesting beaches of Greece.  A few families every year can actively participate in those projects by helping the teams of volunteers in the Peloponnese (Lakonikos Bay, Koroni) and Crete (Rethymno, Chania) from June to September. Kids participating in the project must be between 8-18 years old. Find out more about ARCHELON’s family volunteering projects HERE.

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    Families should know

    • Call in advance to attend an organized presentation
    • The centre is not suitable for babies or very young children
    • The toilets do not have changing mats for babies
    • Kids cannot be left unattended
    • Kids are not allowed to touch the animals, and they must stay calm and be receptive to guided tours (especially during the busy summer months)
    • There is no organize cafeteria. It is advised to bring your own snacks
    • For prompt information about the timetable and tickets please follow this link:
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    Telephone: (+30)2108982600
    Address: 3rd Marina of Glyfada, 16675, Glyfada, Athens

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    Kids will love

    • The easy access to the tanks and proximity to the animals
    • The collection of turtle souvenirs

    Parents will love

    • The simple but effective facilities
    • The gift shop
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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    • The Sea Turtle Protection Society Archelon is a vital centre in this area. Volunteers and others working in the centre are not just treating the sick or injured turtles, but have set up a nationwide protection and information network.

    • It’s sad to see these injured animals in the tanks, but it is so wonderful to know that sooner rather than later they will return to the sea thanks to the care provided at the Society.

    • The presentation offered aims to inform and mobilize the public. However, the ultimate goal is to engage small children and motivate them to protect the environment and all creatures that live in it.

    • My kids can not wait to be 8 years old so that they join the TURTLE network.

    • The facilities of the Protection Society are unique .The Centre is housed in five railway wagons, easy and authentic like the work that is done by the society.


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