Stargazing at Cape Sounion Family Tour

A trip to the famous temple of Cape Sounion is a tour everyone should make when visiting Athens. Experience a magical sunset, listen to Greek myths, and explore the night sky with an astronomer at the Temple of Poseidon!

  • Stargazing at Cape Sounion Family Tour
  • Stargazing at Cape Sounion Family Tour
  • Stargazing at Cape Sounion Family Tour
  • Stargazing at Cape Sounion Family Tour
  • Stargazing at Cape Sounion Family Tour
  • Stargazing at Cape Sounion Family Tour

If your kids have read the Percy Jackson books, they will already know about the Greek God Poseidon. During this afternoon/evening tour, you will be able to visit a temple dedicated to him, listen to tales from Greek mythology, and observe the planets, stars, and constellations overhead with a local astronomer. The Stargazing at Cape Sounion Family Tour is a really unique activity both parents and kids will simply love!

The tour begins when your family is collected from your hotel, and are driven towards Cape Sounion. You will follow the coastline on the way down, and the guide will relay some interesting facts and stories about Athens and Cape Sounion as you enjoy the views of the beaches and coast.

Before reaching Cape Sounion, there is a chance to stop for a late afternoon swim. During the summer, the coastal waters are inviting and the perfect place to take a dip. If the temperature is slightly more chilly, the swimming stop can be made at Vouliagmenis Lake which is fed by hot springs. The waters here are said to have healing properties!

On arriving at the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, you will have plenty of time to walk around the site, and listen to the myths and legends attached to it. Your kids will be fascinated by the sad story of how the Aegean Sea got its name right here! Eventually, the sun will lower, and the sunset begins. Capture as much of it on camera as you can, or simply sit on one of the benches enjoying the magical feeling – the choice is yours!

Once the sun has set, your family can enjoy a picnic as you wait for the stars to come out. At this point, your astronomer will help you to identify the different stars and constellations in the sky. Many of these are associated with Greek mythology, and there is no better time and place to hear stories of men, monsters and Gods!

When this amazing Stargazing at Cape Sounion Family Tour is over, we will take the road back to Athens. We will try to have you back by midnight, because we know that you will want to enjoy the rest of the treasures that Athens and Greece has to offer the next day! If you are looking for other family friendly tours in Athens please take a look at our list hereEnjoy Athens with the Kids!

Families should know

  • The tour starts at 16:00 and finishes around midnight
  • Includes a stop for swimming and a picnic

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Kids will love

  • Listening to the myths and legends of Greece
  • Looking up at the stars through binoculars (telescope also available)
  • Walking around the Temple of Zeus

Parents will love

  • Witnessing a magical sunset
  • Enjoying a gentle paced afternoon/evening activity
  • Learning about how the temple forms on point of a ‘sacred triangle’

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
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