Planetarium – Eugenides Foundation

The Planetarium is the ideal place to take your toddlers if you would like them to gain an understanding of complex concepts in a fun and effective way.

  • Planetarium – Eugenides Foundation
    ©Planetarium Facebook
  • Planetarium – Eugenides Foundation
    ©Planetarium Facebook

Through performances and interactive games, children (and adults) feel closer to the world of science – which many see as distant and unknown – and develop a greater comprehension of it.

There are digital shows for young children such as The Little Prince, and also for teenagers and adults such as Space Travel.

For the older children there is an Interactive Science and Technology Exhibition which aims to introduce them to new concepts (materials, audio and video communication, principles of biotechnology). Children are also given the chance to observe the applications of science and technology in everyday life, such as  how animated movies are produced.

Families should know

  • It is recommended that children 7 years + attend the Planetarium performances. However for the official Children’s Shows, younger visitors (5 years +) are also welcome
  • Ticket exchange or refunds are not possible
  • Visitors should be at the lobby of the Planetarium at least 30 minutes before the start of the show. Latecomers will not be admitted for safety reasons and in order to avoid disturbance of the other spectators
  • It is important to note that regardless of the temperature outside, the atmosphere inside the Planetarium is cool (sometimes even cold)
  • Access to the centre is possible using public transport and minimal walking – bus: 126 (stop: Bank), B2, 550, E2, E22 (stop: Onassis) and A2 (stop: Jason)]. Visitors can catch these buses from the metro station Syggrou-Fix. The entrance is at Penteli Street 11 (first street parallel to Syggrou Avenue)

Kids will love

  • The enormous size of the domed screen and the auditorium
  • The moving seats
  • The original toys and unusual gifts in the Caeleste shop at the Planetarium

Parents will love

  • The sensations that are part of the show
  • The quality and variety of performances
  • The very comfortable seats

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
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The Planetarium is open to the public from the end of August to July 20th

The Interactive Science and Technology Exhibition is open from the middle of September to July 20th

Wednesday – Friday 17:30-20:30
Saturday and Sunday 10:30-20:30

Check with the Eugenides Foundation about opening hours, timetable for the shows, ticket prices and availability. Please contact The Eugenides Foundation at (+30)2109469600, fax: (+30)2109430171, public[at]


Standard 6€
Children 4€

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Other parents say...

  • With shows like “The Life of Mr DENTROULI” the kids are being introduced to the world of trees and learn about their importance. Kids love it so much that at the end they all stand up in an effort to catch the flowers.

    Silia Z.
  • Perhaps the most beautiful element of the Planetarium is its broad appeal to all members of the family; from the youngest to the oldest.

    Violetta K.
  • The staff in the cafe had enough patience to accommodate the needs of my five-member family!

    Niki P.
  • Despite the fact that I visited the Planetarium during a very busy day, I felt there was peace and harmony throughout the Planetarium.

    Maria G.
  • The staff at the ticketing desk were very effective. No idea how such a huge queue of fans found their way in time before the performance in the amphitheatre started!

    Aimilia S.