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Chrysostomos’ Taverna

    If you want to taste authentic Sfakian cuisine outside the beautiful village of Sfakia, Chrysostomos’ tavern in Chania is just what you’re looking for! The owner (who’s also the head chef) has combined an incredible culinary tradition with top-quality ingredients sourced from his hometown to create unforgettable flavors.

    The wood-burning oven is another secret behind Chrysostomos’ success. His dedication to local, traditional dishes doesn’t stop him from constantly experimenting to find new inspiration, ideas, and recipes. Chrysostomos carefully selects Cretan wines to accompany your meal.

    The place is always full of locals and seasoned travelers to the city of Chania. Anyone who’s eaten here can totally understand why Chrysostomos won the Χρυσούς Σκούφους (Chrysous Skoufous, or Golden Caps) award.

    • Tavern - Restaurant

    Families should know

    • Aside from the place in Chania, Chrysostomos also runs a tavern by the sea on the beautiful Marmara beach in Sfakia. The beach is located in a little inlet that’s only accessible by sea, so you’ll need to take a water-taxi from the Sfakia main town, or Chora
    • The Marmara tavern opens after Eastern and closes in mid-September
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    Telephone: (+30)2821057035
    Address: Defkalionos & Ikarou, Chania


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    Kids will love

    Hot fresh baked bread

    Parents will love

    The Cretan version of a rocket and parmesan salad

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