kids snorkeling in the shallow waters in Elafonisi beach
Elafonisi beach kids lying in the shallow waters
Kid having fun at the beach of Elafonisi
Elafonisi blue sea waters

Five reasons to visit Elafonisi with your family

1. The Pink sand – your children will have a unique opportunity to make pink sandcastles and find out why Elafonisi beaches are pinkish. Examining the sand is a truly multi-sensory experience but can also turn into a little investigation. Together with your child, you may try to discover what the little pinkish particles of the sand really are!

2. Shallow and clean waters – the shallow and calm waters of the lagoon make this beach a very family-friendly place. There are no sudden depth in the sea and the whole place is protected from the open sea by rocks and islets that surround the bay.

3. Octopuses and sea urchins – if you decide to explore the other side of the lagoon, you will find plenty of small coves and bathing pools where it is really easy to spot small fish, sea urchins or even octopuses. Loads of fun for your kids!

4. All about the beach – Elafonisi is all about the beach, sand and water! As there are plenty of hidden and really nice places to explore, you need the whole day to check its small islets, dunes, coves, rocky spots and more isolated beaches with long stretches of white sand.

5. Wading through waters – Getting to the other side of the lagoon can be super exciting, especially when the tide is high. And if you want to take your belongings with you to look for yet another perfect spot to swim and relax, then you will need to carry your stuff on your heads!

Our kids simply loved the idea of having an adventurous wade with all the backpacks and towels on their heads. They tried to be super careful to keep all the things perfectly dry!


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Kids will love

  • Stunning shallow waters
  • Long beautiful pink and white beach

Parents will love

The feeling that there is ‘paradise’ on earth

Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All

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