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Naxos cooking and food tasting tours KidsLoveGreece.com
Naxos cooking and food tasting tours KidsLoveGreece.com
Naxos cooking and food tasting tours KidsLoveGreece.com
Naxos cooking and food tasting tours KidsLoveGreece.com
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Family Food Tours & Cooking in Naxos

Have a fun food day with our food tasting tours and cooking lessons in Naxos. Choose between a walking food tour or cooking lesson, and discover delicious traditional produce and tasty homemade dishes!

Family Food Tasting Tour in Naxos

This family food walking tour in Naxos is a great way to understand how agriculture and gastronomy are tied to the land. From the fertile western side of Naxos to the fields where cattle graze peacefully, and the mountains where olives grow, the island provides all of the essentials needed for Naxian and Greek dishes.

Our walking tour through Naxos Town will introduce you to some of the produce used in their creation. Along the way, you can taste local cheeses, traditional dishes, and liqueurs produced on the island. Our expert guide will show you through the streets of the town, pointing out family-owned businesses who specialize in various products and revealing a few hidden gems along the way. There’s even a visit to a candy shop where the kids can find out how the candy is produced!

The food tasting tour ends with a 20-minute short tour of the Venetian castle. This tour is ideal for families who are curious about the local food and would like a guide to show them through the streets of Naxos town. Tour length of approx. 3 hours.

Family Cooking Lessons in Naxos

Take your Naxos food experience a step further with a cooking lesson in one of the villages! In Kinidaros Village, we provide the opportunity to visit a traditional bakery to discover how pies and other delicious food is baked in wood ovens. After the demonstration, you can make and bake your own pie. Go for a stroll around the villages, and when the food is ready, you can enjoy a family picnic underneath the shade of a tree.

In Kaloxylos Village, you can visit a family home, where you can learn all about local life, as well as the kinds of traditional dishes that people still cook on a daily basis. Then, you will be shown and learn how to make Greek meatballs, a traditional pie and a Naxian omelet with cheese and herbs. You’ll love how fresh and delicious everything tastes when you all sit down to sample your work when it’s done!

Find out more

For more information on our food tasting and cooking lessons in Naxos, contact the Kids Love Greece team. If you would like to combine a cooking lesson with an island sightseeing trip, we can also create a bespoke tour just for your family using our network of trusted service providers on the island.

Families should know

  • Includes snacks and/or meals
  • English-speaking guide
  • Transport provided where needed
Address: Naxos

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Kids will love

  • Tasting new food
  • Creating their own dishes
  • The fun guides and cooks who really make the day!

Parents will love

  • A chance to learn more of Greek cuisine
  • Meeting and talking with some locals

Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All

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