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Naxos Kids Cooking Class for Kids Love Greece
Naxos Kids Cooking Class for Kids Love Greece

Traditional Cookery Class in Kaloxylos | A Private half-day Family Culinary Experience

    With scenery straight from a fairytale, courtyards exploding with flowers, century-old olive trees, classical Greek architecture, an impressive church, and the biggest folklore museum in the Cyclades, it’s safe to say Kaloxylos is a hidden treasure trove of Naxos. Kaloxylos’s 30 inhabitants will welcome you and be happy to share their precious stories about their way of life.

    You and your family are invited to an intimate cookery class in the family home of our culinary expert. Prepare yourselves for an incredible feast! Following a refreshing welcome drink, you will learn the ways of the Naxian, and cook a hearty traditional meal in this 3-4 hour hands-on class. 

    You’ll then enjoy the fruits of your labor: a classic Naxian meal, the recipe of which has been inherited from generations before. Good health and hospitality are proud pillars of Greek culture, and alongside your new cooking skills, you’ll be given a masterclass in the importance of these virtues.

    After your culinary experience, you and the family are welcome to stroll around this postcard-worthy village, soaking in the sights in the afternoon sun. Perhaps you fancy visiting the Folklore Museum (no extra fee) or just imbibe the quaint architecture and lush courtyards. 

    Hopefully, you’ve walked up an appetite, as dinner includes such delights as cheese tasting, fresh salad, lavish desserts, alcoholic drinks and cold refreshments. The perfect end to a fun filled day exploring Kaloxylos village!

    Families should know

    • The duration of this tour is 4 hours (10.30-14.30 or 16.00-20.00)
    • The meal could be adjusted to your dietary preferences.
    • You can inform us about your favorite ingredients or any special preferences you may have.
    • This tour does not include the transfer from your hotel to Kaloxylos Village. Private transfer can be offered upon request at an extra charge.
    • Kaloxylos Village is 30 minutes by car from Naxos.

    Address: Naxos

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    Kids will love

    • Learning more about local island village life
    • Getting hands-on and preparing a meal
    • Tasting Greek pies and desserts

    Parents will love

    • Learning how to prepare a Greek meal
    • Spending quality time with their children
    • Getting to know the locals
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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