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Taste Mykonos

During this 3-hour tour, you will try some of the island’s local specialities while exploring the beautiful Mykonos Town together with a Kids Love Greece local licensed family expert guide.

During this walking tour, you will wander around the back streets and picturesque alleys learning more about the island while tasting local delicacies.

You will visit a local pastry shop where you will try a very characteristic Mykonian sweet, the so-called amygdaloto, a traditional island cookie made of almonds, flavored with rose water. 

A stop at the famous traditional bakery of hundreds years old is also part of the program. Here, you will try some local pies, such as cheese or spinach or onion pie. 

Souvlaki cannot be left out in a Food Tour in Greece. We will stop at the best place for the famous Greek gyro; meat wrapped in pita bread. 

We will also explore a local pastry shop, where your family will try homemade galaktoboureko and loukoumades.

While exploring and tasting Mykonos, your family will also learn more about the rich history and culture of this beautiful Greek island!

Families should know

  • The food tour can be adjusted to your personal preferences/ dietary restrictions upon request
  • The duration of the tour is 3 hours
Address: Mykonos Town, Cyclades Islands

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Kids will love

  • The traditional Mykonian almond biscuits
  • Indulging delicious Greek sweets
  • Wandering freely around the picturesque streets of Mykonos Town

Parents will love

  • Tasting typical Greek street food
  • Learning more about the history and culture of the island
  • Visiting a historic bakery to taste local pies
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Best season to visit

  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • All

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