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Flight From Boston, USA to Athens, Greece?

How Many Hours is the flight from Boston, USA to Athens, Greece?

There is no direct flight from Boston (BOS) to Athens (ATH) (as of September 2021). Nevertheless, we recommend that you choose one of the connections listed below:

Via Munich 10 h and 45 minutes.

Via Dublin 11 h and 10 minutes.

Via London 11 h and 25 minutes.

According to our experience, Munich and Frankfurt are very reliable, as well as Zurich. Rome, as well as Paris, seem to offer good connections. London Heathrow is efficient, though you should allow enough time due to its size. We are not keen on Istanbul as a connecting airport to Greece, as many of our clients have lost their luggage/connection. The same goes for Lisbon.

Either way, you have plenty of options and the average flight time from Boston to Athens is 11 hours.