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Hiking Tours in Naxos

We are an active family of 4 (our kids are aged 16 and 14). We will be visiting Naxos for a week in 2022. Is there any kid-friendly hiking tour in Naxos?

Hi there! Yes, Naxos is an absolutely amazing destination for active families. We have handpicked the best kid-friendly hiking tours for you and your family!

  1. The Cultural Valley of Tragaia: During this hike, you and your kids will have the opportunity to stroll through the largest and oldest olive grove on the island of Naxos. You will discover churches from the Byzantine period and some small picturesque villages surrounded by colorful flowers, fruitful trees and nice people. The villages you and your family will explore are: Chalki, Monitsa, Moni, Kaloxylos and Akadimoi.
  2. The Medieval Naxos:  This hiking tour reveals the beauty of eastern Naxos, where you and your family will explore the combination of rocky land and olive trees. The medieval monastery of Fotodoti offers a unique experience. The breathtaking views and unique trails you and your kids will explore will create lifelong memories.  At the end of the tour, you will discover the historical village of Apeiranthos with its marble paths.

These are the best hiking tours for families in Naxos! Let me know if you need more information via email at