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How Much Should We Tip Our Tour Guide?

We are taking a full day private family tour in Santorini. We don't know if we are obligated to tip our tour guide, but we want to even if we aren't. What amount do you think is appropriate as a tip for an 8 hour private tour? 


We are sure that you will have a great time exploring the picturesque Santorini via a full-day private tour!

First, let's say that tipping is customary and at your discretion in Greece (not mandatory). However, if you are happy with your tour guide and you really enjoy your private tour with them, tipping is the best way to show your appreciation! 

So, if you are happy with the service we encourage you to leave a tip as most guides work only a few months per year since the Greek industry is still seasonal (high season is July/August). I would say that 10% is a good tip overall.

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