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How to reach Fira Town in Santorini for shore excursions

Hello Kids Love Greece! I'm Monic and I would like to ask you about Santorini. The cruise company I will be traveling with informed us that we have to take the cable cars in Santorini to get to Fira Town. Is there any other option since the cable cars are usually crowded? Can you please explain the whole process?

Hi Monic! Santorini can easily confuse you when it comes to how to reach Fira Town and the meeting point for our shore excursions. Cruise passengers arrive at the old port of Fira. When your cruise ship arrives in Santorini small tender boats will ferry you ashore at the old port where the cable car station is located. You will take the cable cars all the way up to Fira Town. The meeting point for our shore excursions in Santorini is at the exit of the Cable Car Station in Fira Town. Once you reach the top, and at the EXIT of the cable car station, your guide will be waiting for you, holding a sign with your name on it. For more information, contact us at