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Must-See Sightseeing for Families in Crete

Good evening from the UK! We're planning a family trip to Crete and would love to know the must-see sights that are family-friendly. Can you recommend some top attractions and historical sites that we shouldn't miss while exploring this beautiful island? Thanks in advance, Ben.

Hello, and greetings from the captivating island of Crete! We're delighted to help you plan your family adventure. Crete is a treasure trove of history, culture, and natural beauty, and there are plenty of family-friendly must-see sights to explore:

1. Knossos Palace: Begin your journey with a visit to the ancient Minoan palace of Knossos, where the myth of the Minotaur and the labyrinth originated. Kids will be fascinated by the palace's rich history and the chance to explore its intriguing ruins.

2. Spinalonga Island: Take a boat trip to Spinalonga Island, a former Venetian fortress turned leper colony. This island is both historically significant and visually stunning, making it a memorable outing for the family.

3. Heraklion Archaeological Museum: Immerse yourselves in ancient history at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Here, you'll find an exceptional collection of Minoan artifacts, including the famous Phaistos Disc, offering a captivating glimpse into Crete's past.

4. New Archaeological Museum in Chania: The new Archaeological Museum in Chania is a fascinating destination for families. It showcases a wide range of artifacts, sculptures, and treasures from across the region's multiple archaeological sites.

5. Cave of Zeus in Lassithi: Embark on a mythical journey to the Cave of Zeus in Lassithi Plateau. According to legend, this cave was the birthplace of Zeus, king of the Greek gods. The enchanting surroundings and the cave's history make it a great family excursion.

These are just a few of the must-see sights that families can enjoy on the island. Crete offers an abundance of experiences, from exploring ancient ruins to immersing yourselves in its rich cultural heritage and natural wonders.

We understand that time might be limited during your visit, so narrowing down your choices is essential. If you need more help organizing your Crete adventure or have specific questions, feel free to contact us via email at We're here to make your family's trip to Crete unforgettable. Enjoy your exploration of this beautiful island!