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What Are The Best Greek Beers to Try While in Greece?

Hello there! We are planning to go on Greece for our next vacation and we are beer lovers. So we are wondering if you have any suggestions about the best beers we should try there.

 Wine and beer are the most popular alcoholic drinks in Greece. The first modern Greek brewery was created in 1840 under Othonas (The first king in Greece). After that many breweries were created. Let's name a few great Greek breweries. 

  • The Donkey Brewery (Santorini)

  • The Solo Brewery (Crete)

  • Magnus Magister (Rhodes) 

  • Vergina Brewery (Northern Greece)

  • The Septem Brewery (Central Greece)

Of course, there are more amazing breweries in Greece. In fact we have recently created an article about the best Greek beers that you can have a look at. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to email us at