Greek warriors for a day, Athens Tour © Greek warriors for a day, Athens Tour

Ancient Greek Warriors for a Day

    Get Ready for an unforgettable experience while in Athens! If you’ve watched & enjoyed blockbuster movies on ancient Greek battles and wars, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in the sandals of an ancient Greek warrior and learn all about their training, armature, and mentality.

    Your experienced tutor will give you the historical background of some important ancient Greek battles, like the battles in Marathon and Thermopylae, and the ongoing wars between ancient Greeks and Persians. He will explain to you why and how ancient Greeks trained for battle, the weapons they used, and their everyday life.

    He will then hand you replicas of actual ancient Greek spears, helmets, and body shields and will show you the body position ancient Greek warriors took in battle, their movements, and their signals during battle to notify their comrades. You will learn about their strategies, and how and why they chose specific places for their battles.

    This is a thoroughly enjoyable activity, the whole family will love! For more information and available dates, contact one of our travel specialists today.

    Greek warriors for a day activity in Athens
    kid holding replicas of ancient Greek weapons, Athens warriors activity
    imitating movements of ancient Greek warriors, holding replicas of weaponry

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    Kids will love

    • Having Fun in this Hands-On Activity
    • Understanding more about Ancient Greek Warriors
    •  Playing with the Body Armature replicas

    Parents will love

    • Taking Part in the Fun Family Activity with the Kids
    • Gaining new Insight into the History of Ancient Greece
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