Methoni Castle in Messenia, Greece

What to do in Messenia, Greece for families

    Messenia is one of the most interesting parts of the Peloponnese to visit, and an ideal destination for family vacations. Whether staying for just a few days or a week, Kids Love Greece have some great suggestions on what to do in Messenia with your family.

    Family Accommodation in Messenia

    The beautiful coastline in Messenia has ample accommodation for families, with each small village having rooms and apartments. Our primary recommendation though, has to be the unique Costa Navarino resort.

    Costa Navarino The Westin Pool

    Suited perfectly for families, it offers comfortable surroundings and access to multiple activities on site. In fact, some clients stay at the resort for a few days and never leave! We would strongly recommend you do though. There is so much to see in Messenia it would be a shame to miss out.

    Things to do in Messenia

    The beautiful coastline of Messenia is home to some amazing attractions. Castle lovers will be astounded by Methoni Castle which looks like it belongs in an episode of Game of Thrones, and the Mani peninsula contains caves, hiking trails, and strange fortified tower houses. Add on to that the beautiful town of Pylos and the city of Kalamata, along with miles of beaches, and you’ll never be short of places to visit!

    Outdoor activities in Messenia for families

    Active families will love the different options that Kids Love Greece have lined up for them to experience. Try your hand at SUP (stand up paddle boarding), sea kayaking, or a hiking and archery session. Each one is designed with families in mind, and our expert guides are versatile in that they can easily relate to people of all ages. Read more here about our outdoor activities for families in Messenia.

    Unique Cultural Experiences in Messenia for families

    We always encourage people to try at least one cultural activity when visiting Greece, and Messenia has some excellent opportunities. Whether choosing the natural soap making workshop, learning how honey is produced by visiting a bee garden, or taking part in a traditional cooking class, our hands-on experiences are always popular with the kids. Take a look at our article on unique cultural experiences in Messenia for more details.

    Day trip to Olympia from Costa Navarino

    Costa Navarino or Kalamata is a very good place to be based for families wishing to visit Ancient Olympia. The travel time there is less than when staying at towns such as Nafplion for example, making a day trip to this historic site less tiring all around.

    Ancient Olympia family guided tour Percy Jackson Mythology Family Trip 7-day Package activities for families Peloponnese kids love greece

    Our day trip to Olympia includes a hotel pick up with driver and guide, who will then take you to the site and show you around. During the tour, they will explain the history and the myths behind the site, describe how athletes used to compete for olive wreaths, and even show you how to make your own. Even better you will have the opportunity to race each other on a running track that is thousands of years old! Take a look at our family day trip to Olympia from Messenia for more details.

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