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Winter Holidays in Greece: Greek Family Vacation Ideas

    Greece might not be a natural first choice for a winter holiday, but there’s more to it than meets the eye! Here’s some great vacation ideas for family winter holidays in Greece.

    The temperatures may be lower in Greece during the winter than they are in the summer, but the sun never seems to stop shining. There’s an abundance of clear, crisp and bright days throughout the winter months which seem to reveal the landscape at its most splendid. It’s a great time to explore the countryside and see a different side to Greece than you might normally get on a sun, sea and sand holiday. Wondering where you should start? Here’s our top suggestions of places to visit in Greece during the winter with the family.

    Athens and Thessaloniki

    The two largest cities in Greece can be visited all the year around, and there is always plenty to see and do! The main archaeological spaces such as the Acropolis may have slightly shorter opening hours, but the flip side is that there are also far fewer tourists. Kids Love Greece operate private family tours all through the year in Athens and Thessaloniki, and our local guides can show you some hidden as well as seasonal gems.

    Arachova and Parnassos

    Many people are completely unaware that Greece has some excellent skiing facilities dotted around the country in the rugged, mountainous areas. Mount Parnassos is perhaps the most famous, and it is a favourite with Athenians who head to the slopes during the winter for skiing and snowboarding. If you’d like to try skiing in Greece during the winter with your family, we can arrange accommodation at the nearby town of Arachova, as well as organising access to the slopes.

    Idea for family winter holidays in Greece


    Such is the popularity of Santorini, that we would suggest avoiding it altogether during the peak month of August if at all possible. The winter months, on the other hand, are a great time to visit. The number of tourists is considerably fewer at this time of year, which is perfect if you want to take your photos without anyone else in them! All of the main attractions are accessible, and some good deals can be found on luxury family accommodation in Santorini during the winter.

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    Unlike many Greek islands, Crete does not close down during the winter, but stays open for tourism all the year through. Whilst there are no guarantees on the weather, the later weeks of winter can often be surprisingly warm, and a stark contrast to visitors from more northern countries! The winter months in Greece are ideal for all types of outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling, and our network of local guides can arrange unique family adventures for you as you explore this most special of the Greek islands.

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    Plan your family vacation in Greece

    If you would like to find out more about planning a family vacation in Greece, contact our friendly team of experts today. You can either get in touch with us through the help box on this website, or fill out this contact form. As Greek moms who take our kids on vacation in Greece during all seasons, we can make some suggestions of the best places to visit and pass on some of our inside knowledge!

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