Costa Navarino Clay tennis courts

Promising collaboration for the tennis afficionados between Costa Navarino and tennis coach Mouratoglou

    Costa Navarino in Messenia and the famous tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou formally announced in March 2021 a collaboration to create the Mouratoglou Tennis Center, the first in Europe.

    Patrick Mouratoglou helped some of the best tennis players in the world, such as Stefanos Tsitsipas, Coco Gauff, Grigor Dimitrov, and is currently the coach of Serena Williams. Mouratoglou already owns the Mouratoglou Academy, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and is the most famous tennis academy in the world.

    The Mouratoglou Tennis Center will open its doors in summer 2021 and consists of 16 state-of-the-art tennis courts. Specifically, there are 12 illuminated courts of three types: natural clay courts (equivalent to Roland Garros tournament courts), hard cushion (equivalent to the American Open and Court tournaments), and natural grass (equivalent to the Wimbledon tournament courts). There are 3 badminton courts, 1 squash court, 1 padel court. There is an over 600 visitors capacity.

    The Mouratoglou Tennis Center Costa Navarino will use the unique Mouratoglou methodology used by the Mouratoglou Academy, where for each player or team, a personalized program will be created tailor-made to their needs.

    The new tennis center will offer a wide range of programs including individual and group sessions, cardio tennis sessions, programs for adults and children including ‘tennis camp’, sports events and popular programs signed by the Mouratoglou Academy.

    Mouratoglou has a deep connection with Greece as his father is of Greek origin and had spent many months in Greece every year as a child. The world-famous tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas, currently number 5 in the world ranking, said that he is looking forward to visiting the new facilities of the Mouratoglou Tennis Center Costa Navarino.

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