ARCHELON – The Sea Turtle Protection Society

The Sea Turtle Protection Society in Glyfada is one of the first organised rescue centres in the Mediterranean for sick or injured sea turtles. It aims to aid turtles in their recovery and eventual return to their natural environment.

  • ARCHELON – The Sea Turtle Protection Society
    ©Archelon facebook
  • ARCHELON – The Sea Turtle Protection Society
    ©Archelon facebook
  • ARCHELON – The Sea Turtle Protection Society
    ©Archelon facebook

In addition to its important role in caring for sea turtles, Archelon also serves to awaken environmental consciousness in all visitors, most importantly the younger visitors.

The Protection Centre educates visitors about the marine biology of turtles, their feeding habits and reproduction patterns. It is important to know that of the three species of sea turtles found in Greece, Caretta caretta hatches exclusively on the coast of Greece. Therefore it is crucial to safeguard these shores.

There is no doubt that children will be impressed by the wealth of knowledge, but most importantly by the fact that they will be able to be actively involved in marine turtle conservation. Children are given the option of adopting a baby turtle and becoming members of the TURTLE network.

Families should know

  • Call in advance if you would like to attend the organised presentation
  • For those visiting the centre with babies or very young children, you should know that the centre is housed in five railway carriages. It is by no means a luxurious environment compared to some of the museums in the city
  • The toilets do not have changing mats for babies
  • Do not leave your children unattended as there is risk of injury. Children are not allowed to touch the animals in the tanks and should try to stay calm and receptive to guided tours (especially during the summer months when the centre gets busy)
  • There is no organised cafeteria for drinks and snacks. It is advisable to bring your own snacks
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Kids will love

  • The easy access to the tanks and proximity to the animals
  • The collection of turtle t-shirts

Parents will love

  • The simple but effective facilities
  • The gift shop, as well as its small range of products, offers food for thought in terms of ecological awareness

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter
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September to July every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00-17:00

Check with Archelon as regards to opening hours, timetable for the shows and ticket prices and availability.Tel/ fax: (+30)2108982600, email: [email protected]


Free entrance
Organised presentation: 3€ per person

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Other parents say...

  • The Sea Turtle Protection Society Archelon is a vital centre in this area. Volunteers and others working in the centre are not just treating the sick or injured turtles, but have set up a nationwide protection and information network.

    Nikos V.
  • It’s sad to see these injured animals in the tanks, but it is so wonderful to know that sooner rather than later they will return to the sea thanks to the care provided at the Society.

    Mairi Ps.
  • The presentation offered aims to inform and mobilize the public. However, the ultimate goal is to engage small children and motivate them to protect the environment and all creatures that live in it.

    Valia N.
  • My kids can not wait to be 8 years old so that they join the TURTLE network.

    Katerina M.
  • The facilities of the Protection Society are unique .The Centre is housed in five railway wagons, easy and authentic like the work that is done by the society.

    Voula N.

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