Silk Printing Family Workshop

Enjoy a fun, hands-on art Silk Printing Family Workshop, make your own souvenirs and learn a new skill. Can you think of anything more exciting for your kids?

  • Silk Printing Family Workshop
  • Silk Printing Family Workshop
  • Silk Printing Family Workshop
  • Silk Printing Family Workshop
  • Silk Printing Family Workshop
  • Silk Printing Family Workshop

If you are looking for a unique family activity in Athens, this Silk Printing Family Workshop is ideal.

We first set the mood with a comic, fast paced version of Greek history. Inspired by this, a Greek artist will then show you how to create your very own postcards and posters based on Greek mythology to take back home with you.

Silk Printing Family Workshop mythology Athens kidslovegreece unique experience family friendly gods goddess greek heroes

The private art Silk Priniting Family Workshop in Athens is one of the most unique tours we offer. It begins with a fun narration of popular Greek myths and legends by an experienced storyteller. Everyone will see the ancient Gods and heroes in a new light, and it is an excellent way for kids to learn about Greek mythology.

When the story has been told, a talented Greek artist will then explain all about silk printing, this fascinating and colorful technique. They will also demonstrate how easy it is to design and create posters and postcards using this technique. You don’t need to be an artist yourself to take part in this. Everyone can relax and have fun with their creations!

Silk Printing Family Workshop Athens kidslovegreece unique experience gods godesses greek heroes family friendly mythology

Then, under their expert guidance, it is time for the whole family to show off their art and design skills using Greek mythology as inspiration. The posters and postcards you produce during this silk printing workshop in Athens will become the most treasured souvenirs from your vacation in Greece!

Silk Printing Family Workshop Athens unique experience family friendly mythology gods goddess greek heroes kidslovegreece

In addition to this silk printing workshop in Athens, we also have a number of other tours you may be interested in. The Mythological Workshop is another wonderful opportunity for all the family to learn about Greek mythology. To find out more about modern life in Athens though, either one of these tours may appeal – A day in the Life of an Athenian, the Comics Workshop, or the Athens Street Art Tour.

Families should know

The workshop is not suitable for families with babies and toddlers

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Kids will love

  • Designing and creating their own works of art
  • Learning about Greek mythology in a fun, exciting way
  • A break from all the walking and sightseeing!

Parents will love

  • Watching their kids have fun learning
  • A cool bonding experience with a difference
  • The chance to produce some unique and memorable family treasures!

Best season to visit

  • Open during Spring Spring
  • Open during Summer Summer
  • Open during Autumn Autumn
  • Open during Winter Winter

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