Naxos Following Traditions Tour

Following Traditions in Naxos

    Do you want to submerge yourself in Greek local culture, find authentic village spots, listen to fascinating stories about food and learn more about Greek customs, traditions and taste unforgettable local flavours? Our Following Traditions in Naxos tour offers the perfect ingredients for a recipe of fun family moments and wonderful memories.

    Think of beautiful tablecloths, colourful plates, a loaf of bread, a cheese pie, fresh fruit, honey, olives and cheese: everything you need to enjoy a family meal. You and your family will sit down under the oak trees of Kinidaros. Here, the Tselenti’s family welcomes you at their bakery to reveal the secrets of traditional bread making.

    During this family hands-on activity, you will visit a traditional Naxian bakery, learn how to prepare a local pie and watch the procedure of baking in a traditional wooden oven. While the pie is being baked, you will enjoy a short family stroll at the picturesque village of Kinidaros. After around half an hour, you will return to the bakery and enjoy a romantic savory picnic brunch at the oaks groove, very close to the oven. The picnic menu will include cheese pie, local honey, hand-made jam, a variety of cheeses, Greek yogurt, filter coffee, juice, ham, bread, olives, eggs and of course the goods that you will choose from the bakery. The perfect family meal in the perfect setting of Kinidaros!

    Families should know

    • Kinidaros Village is 20 minutes driving from Naxos Town
    • The duration of this activity is 3 hours (10:30 am-01:30 pm)
    • The program: 1-hour cooking, 2 hours picnic and strolling around Kinidaros village
    • This activity excludes the transfer from your hotel to Kinidaros Village. Private transfer can be offered upon request at an extra charge.

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    Kids will love

    • Learn how to prepare a local pie and watch the procedure of baking
    • Taste cheese pie, local honey and hand-made jam
    • Playing outside in nature

    Parents will love

    • Learning more about Naxos’ culture and traditions
    • Participating in an off the beaten path activity
    • Spending time with their kids while enjoying a nice meal
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    Best season to visit

    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
    • spring
    • All
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